Barron Trump has an entire floor of the Trump Tower penthouse apartment to himself and through the different interviews his mom has given to the press over the years, it is well-known that this is an area for Barron to express himself. Melania has even said that Barron likes to draw on the walls, or at least he did at a younger age.

Barron's new White House digs will also be a place he can decorate in a way that suits him, which is something that all the previous kids did who called this location their home.1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn't as elaborate as his tower home, but it has a swimming pool, bowling alley, movie theater and other extra amenities that would strike interest in a kid.

Special request

Despite all the White House extras, kids that have lived in there in the past have had something special built or arranged just for them. Amy Carter had a tree house on the White House grounds and Chelsea Clinton ate her breakfast in her own private breakfast nook she had arranged for herself, according to Town and Country Magazine.

A place to be alone

So why will Barron's space be special? For every kid who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, their own bedroom suite was special. It is the only place they have to call completely their own. This is the only space where they aren't inundated with the Secret Service looking over their shoulder. It is necessary for the Secret Service to stick by the kids of a president, especially in today's world, but to a kid, this can get old pretty quickly.


The Secret Service agents are with the president's kids no matter where they are, but inside their bedrooms, it is a place they can be alone. As far as the Secret Service agents who were in charge of keeping tabs on the kids who previously lived in the White House, they've offered up some quips about the previous kids who have lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some were a bit more difficult to keep an eye on than others.

Kids of the past

It seems that Chelsea Clinton was hands down the easiest child to keep an eye on for past Secret Service agents, reports Town and Country. Chelsea always told the agents what was going on, where she intended on going and overall just treated them right.


For those of you who remember the George Bush era, you might recall how the Bush twins went through a rather rebellious stage when at the White House. The girls were in college at the time and they were known for giving the Secret Service a run for their money, as they weren't above trying to give the agents the slip.

Barron's crib

Barron, who appears to be a little gentleman, doesn't look like a kid who will be any trouble. While Barron will get his special bedroom suite and have it done up in decor to his specifications, many believe the White House might be a downgrade for this President's son.

In the past, it was a big jump up for the kids of the other presidents, but Barron lives in a gilded palace-like home already.

It might take some getting used to for both Melania and Barron.

Open or shut?

Each family treated their home at the White House a little differently. The Bush family was "very open" with their White House quarters. Laura Bush even filmed documentaries in their private living space. The Obama's were extremely private about the place they called home within the White House walls.

Barron has already demonstrated on how open he will be with his 'new White House Home. He not only played host to his 5th-grade classmates at the White House during a class trip, he is planning sleepovers in the White House for his pals once he's settled in.

Coming down from out of the clouds

Maybe it won't be too much of a downgrade for Barron after all moving from the tower in the sky to the White House where there's a lot of lawn. The day is growing closer to when that moving truck pulls up to the White House full of Barron and Melania's belongings and the first family will once again be under one roof.