Constipation is a common problem but oftentimes people don’t put too much care about it. This condition can be painful and uncomfortable. If it worsens, it becomes a chronic condition which may lead to hemorrhoids.

In most cases, constipation can be prevented and treated by changing lifestyle or by consuming over-the-counter medicines. Some people also uses natural Home Remedies like Baking Soda to treat constipation. Learn about the advantages of using baking soda to ease constipation below.

Symptoms of constipation

Some people experience constipation occasionally.

This happens when a person’s diet or lifestyle changes. If you are having a difficulty to pass stool or if you have lesser bowel movements in one week, you are may be constipated.

Other constipation symptoms include feeling pain in lower part of abdomen, passing hard stools, feeling of rectum being blocked, experiencing a feeling of not being able to empty the stool from rectum, need to use hand to press abdomen while on a bowel movement, having to use fingers to remove stool from the rectum.

Causes of constipation

There are many things which contribute to constipation. The causes may include eating low-fiber foods, not getting enough water and not getting enough physical activity. Stress also leads to changes of bowel movements.

Other common causes of constipation also include anal fissures, weakened pelvic muscles, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancy, thyroid problems, diabetes, mental and neurological disorders.

Treating constipation using baking soda

In most cases, treating constipation can be as simple as changing your lifestyle like eating more fiber and drinking more fluids to help your bowels get moving.

Over-the-counter laxatives can also help however, these may make your condition worse.

Some people use baking soda in order to treat constipation. Though there has been no research available to support the claims, many people have used this household product to treat several conditions including constipation.

According to history, baking soda has been used as an antacid.

It can neutralize the acid on the stomach and that is why people recommend to use it for heartburn and indigestion.

Some people recommend to consume this household product in order to treat constipation. This can pull water into the digestive tract and promotes muscle contractions. Aside from consuming it, a person who has constipation can soak in a tub full of water with dissolved baking soda which may help relieve pain in the rectum. It may also help to relax the anal sphincter which helps you produce bowel movement.