A girl who loves to poo is a trending subject today as a brave woman steps up to the plate to talk about this very natural bodily function and the enjoyment some girls derive from pinching a loaf daily. She's not doling out the medical benefits that a good bowel movement offers, she's talking about how you feel about moving your bowels and then sharing those good vibes with your friends.

Euphoric bowel movement?

Remee Patel from BuzzFeed also wants to dispel the myths and folklore that come with women pooing, a bodily function that apparently some girls find so euphoric that the poo emoji is their favorite of all.

It seems that there is a portion of the female population that are proud of their daily Bowel movements and they are not afraid to talk about it in great detail, encompassing the sights, sounds and smells of this event.

Detailed poo

She describes how some girls will talk about their poo in "explicit detail" and unless you are like-minded, that is not really a conversation you are going to welcome over morning coffee. Speaking of coffee, Patel had a comment from a woman who had a problem moving her bowels, but on her way to buy a suppository (after a few rounds of laxatives didn't work), she opted for another avenue.

Big Mac and coffee will move those bowels

In lieu of that suppository, the woman went to McDonald's and got a Big Mac and a cup of coffee.

Then bang... it worked like a charm. It was a cure for her long-running constipation! This is something you might chat about with a close buddy or your doctor but it really isn't dinner table conversation for most people.

Bodily function dinner talk?

There are girls who will offer up detail down to color, texture and even if their poo was a floater or not.

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With no pun intended, this is definitely an acquired taste for conversation and you would need to know the people very well before throwing descriptions of this very private, but universal, bodily function into the mix.

There's one in every crowd

Patel offers up a few ways to fish out the confident pooer from your crowd. It's the girl who doesn't have a problem letting everyone know she is going to poo.

She's the one who gets up from the table and in no uncertain terms, she lets you know she is on her way to take a dump. Some even keep track of their daily poo habits in a diary-like format.

Three times a day – is this just too much poo?

"Keeping track of how often you go gives you great satisfaction," writes Patel. Along with this, she offers up an example of a diary entry showing three bowel movements noted before 3 p.m. on a Thursday in her tracking-like system. That's one full morning and afternoon of pooing for sure. But if that seems excessive to you, it's not, according to WebMD.

Everyone is different when it comes to the number of times you move your bowels daily, according to WebMD. They report that many factors are taken into consideration for "normal," including diet, age, and exercise.

A bowel movement three times a day to three times a week falls within the "normal" range for "regularity."


For that girl in your crowd who loves to poo, you'll know when she's off her game. When they don't have that regularity, they turn into a different person! Women who love to talk about their bowel movements also seem to know many trivial things about this bodily function, such as "you lose 5 calories each time you take a dump."

Spike knows what he's talking about!

So what myths did Patel tackle? Female poo does smell despite some believing otherwise. A man named Spike writes that it smells twice as bad and Patel responds, "We're proud of our superior stench Spike." A question asking if female poop was solid or "liquid like urine" also appeared in the article." Believe it or not, there are some people who don't know the answer to that question!

Patel is not alone in her quest for talking about poo with other women, below Jessy seems to agree that there's no shame in poo-talk.