A dream is a projection of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur in the mind during certain periods when we are sleeping. Images appear in our dreams because our brains possess a lot of memories, mostly from our day to day lives and activities. A normal human being usually has an average of four dreams per night. Dreams are different from one another: some are weird, others are fun to have while others are scary. These are the seven types of dream situations that everyone is likely to have experienced.

Lucid dreaming

In a lucid dream, you will be conscious and aware of the environment in your dream.

In this dream, you will mostly float in a room, jump or fly from one location to another. You will be in control of your dream in a way that you will determine where you want to go or how high you want to jump. In this dream, one is usually aware in the dream that they are dreaming. People mostly wake up feeling excited after having this dream.

Regular dreams

Regular dreams are dreams we have on a regular basis and only realize we were dreaming when we wake up. Regular dreams mostly contain symbols and meanings. Such symbols include seeing a yellow car in the dream, dreaming you are at a zoo or walking the streets with a friend. All regular dreams can be interpreted. The interpretation of this type of dreams will mostly be useful to someone's life.

False awakenings

False awakenings are intense lucid dreams where you think you have woken up, but you haven't. People mostly have this type of dream early in the morning before they wake up. In this type of dream, you wake up and do regular daily morning routines like preparing and taking breakfast, getting ready to go to school or work only to actually wake up and realize that you were just dreaming.


Nightmares are frightening or unpleasant dreams. Examples of such dreams include dreaming you are being chased, dreaming of being in the middle of a riot or war, dreaming of being swallowed by an animal or dreaming you are walking on a graveyard. People mostly wake up with a bad mood and feeling after having this dream.

Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams are repetitive dreams or a dream you keep having many times. For example, you will dream of the same dream four times a month. This type of dream tries to warn you or remind you that something is about to happen in your Real Life. What will happen in your real life will depend on the symbols you see within the dream.

False dreams

False dreams are dreams with no meaning. They are an opposite of regular dreams. They do not possess any symbols within them and are hard to interpret.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is when you are in bed sleeping, you partially wake up, your eyes open but you cannot move your head, hands or legs, you won't even be able to speak or react; this is the same as being in bed with your eyes open, but you can not move. Sleep paralysis is believed to be caused by an anxiety disorder, stress, and migraines.