disneyland is an overwhelming place for anyone who hasn't experienced the magic. Recently returning from Disneyland Paris, I'm thankful I was armed with tips and knowledge from my previous trips. There are loads of ways to enjoy your stay.

Be our guest

For their 25th birthday, celebrations are taking place in both parks. It's the best time to go. Not only are they offering Disneyland breaks like four nights for the price of three, they are also including a half board meal plan which includes breakfast and dinner. Best places to stay are in the Disney resort as park tickets are included in your stay alongside the meal plan!

You get your choice of where to eat in the parks along with Disney Village dining in a steakhouse, a coupon allowed $38 which included an app, a main dish, and dessert!

Also for families, the deal can be used at Mickey's cafe where you can have meet and greets with the famous mouse himself! Due to the offer being so popular, it’s best to book the meals in advance to save disappointment. As boring as it sounds, do your research and be prepared! Grab yourself a map, and check out schedules before you even arrive in Paris. Disneyland Paris has a neat little Disney app, this allows you to see a park map, as well as live queue times and locations, and meet and greets with all yourfavoritee Disney characters!

Disneyland Paris has two parks; Walt Disney Studios and Magic Kingdom.

Magic, madness and more

Both parks are incredibly varied and are perfect for all ages. Walt Disney Studios is great for those who aren't so keen on princess and all things magical. These home Pixar rides such as Crush's Coaster and Toy Story Playland. The must-know tip for both parks is the use of fast passes.

My best tip for these are grab your fast pass as you get in, the fast pass is a free system that allows you to come back to the ride at an allotted time, it's a fabulous system and easy to use, just pop your park tickets into the machine and you will be issued a time ticket. It is a bit like a parking garage ticket, pop back at that time and you will get to walk on past the queue and straight onto the ride!

This allows the lengthy ride times to be cut, allowing more time to be enjoyed in the park.

Everyone knows anywhere touristy the tourist gets hit in the wallet when it comes to snacks or food! Both parks have a good system where set menus are offered from $10 including a basic burger, snack and a drink! Most snacks are reasonably priced. Most importantly, allow yourself to submerse in this wonderful break away from mundane day to day adult responsibilities. This is the perfect place to remind yourself that life can be magical and it's okay to be a big kid, even if only for a few days.