Research shows some common lies women tell men. Since it is a universal practice for people to cross their fingers behind their back when they lie, females do it quite often. Dating experts say there are definitely lies men are told. While a few of the things might be on the List of lies both sexes tell, the reasons are not the same for telling the lie.


Some women lie about their age to everybody and not just men. Age is at the top of most lists of lies they tell. Society makes females think it is better to be young. A great number of them do reduce their age by a few years because they believe men are attracted to younger women.


Men lie about their height, but their counterparts lie about their weight. Women lie about their weight because they might be too ashamed of how much they actually weigh. They don't want to admit they are not as health conscious as the men they want to date. While a man can see that a woman is overweight, it is another thing for her to admit it and remove all doubt.


Women lie about their education more than men. It is interesting that they play down their education just as much as they play it up. They don't want education to be a sore subject or a stumbling block in their relationship.


It is not uncommon for women to lie to men about where they make their money and about how much money they make.

Women don't want to scare men off with the truth. Men often feel intimidated if women have better jobs and make more money than they do. Therefore, to avoid any confrontation, women either lie or avoid the conversation.

Another reason women might lie about their employment is because they might have a low-paying job, and they are too embarrassed to own up to it.

Past relationships

Lying about past relationships is also on the list of lies men tell women. However, their reasons are different. Men lie about past relationships to impress women claiming to be experienced. Women lie about past relationships because they don't want men to know they are as experienced as they really are.

Spending money

Women lie to their mates about the amount of money they spend and what they spend it on. They are known to hide purchases in the closets, in the attic or in the trunk of their car. On average, some women do spend a lot of money at beauty parlors, spas, jewelry stores and cosmetic counters.


Just as many women as men love sports, and some of them know more about sports than the men they are dating. In cases where the woman is the better one at sports, she downplays her knowledge just so she doesn't embarrass her mate, especially in public.

These are not all the lies women tell men, but these are the ones that appear on most lists. It is interesting when this list is compared to the lies men tell women. Some lies appear on the list for both men and women.