Research shows that there are some universal things men lie to women about. The lies men tell women usually fall into the same categories no matter what part of the country the men live in. Believe it or not, women lie about some of the same things even though their reasons might be different. Men lie to women about many things, but there are some common lies that men have confessed to telling women.


It is understandable that short men might lie to women about their height especially online. It might surprise some that even tall men lie to women about their height.

An inch or two taller makes men feel a little better about themselves.

Auto mechanics

A man may lie about knowing what's wrong with a car to make women think he is manly and capable enough to take care of them when they have car trouble. He likes to make women think he is "Mr. Fix It." Men are known to lie even if they don't know the difference between a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench.

Being lost

It is so true that men don't like to admit they are lost when driving. Men have been known to go around in circles and hundreds of miles out of their way rather than to stop and ask for directions. Dating experts say it makes a man feel incompetent or inadequate to admit that he is lost especially if a woman is sitting in the passenger seat.


Men might not love sports whether it involves watching the game on television or playing a sport themselves. Men lie to women about how good they are at sports until they are asked to prove it. They think it is not manly to be satisfied with just sitting on the bench or on the couch. Therefore, they lie about how good they used to be when they were in high school or college.


Some men are afraid to tell women that they are afraid of something. Instead of telling the truth, they make up excuses why they would rather drive from Florida to California instead of flying. They lie about swimming instead of saying they are afraid there might be sharks in the water. Men think it is a disgrace to be afraid of anything.

Past relationships

Instead of saying nothing about past Relationships, some men rather lie to women about how many relationships they have been involved in. Perhaps it is to prove how experienced they are.


Rather than admitting to their girlfriends and wives that they have a health problem, men lie to avoid having their partners force them to see a doctor. At a certain point, the truth must be told.

Women lie to men about some of the same things, but they have their own list and their own reasons for lying to men. According to an Australian study, men lie to make themselves look good, but women lie to make others feel good.