President Donald trump has garnered renewed attention over his comments of Amazon. Trump on March 31 criticized the e-commerce giant over not paying enough taxes and benefiting from cheaper rates from the U.S Postal Service.

Trump last week launched an attack not once but twice at Jeff Bezos company. The critique by Trump was made public on Twitter towards Amazon. It was published on Thursday of last week.

According to Reuters, what may have prompted the commander-in-chief is a report posted by news website Axios. In addition, the analysis went on to add that Trump was obsessed with Amazon and should consider new ways to reduce the company's influence by possibly introducing federal antitrust or competition laws.

Amazon's shares drop after Trump's remarks

Trump's remarks did not go unnoticed by the stock market. As it turns out, the Reuters above report confirmed that Amazon shares were down 3.3 percent on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. This happened because investors are concerned about the possibility of regulatory action aimed at Amazon.

Elsewhere, the shares were not the only thing to drop in value. In the mix of the accusations Amazon effectively lost $24 billion market value.

In the above tweet, Trump blamed Amazon for lots of retailers closing their doors.

Prior to this claim, Trump added that the deal Amazon had set up with the U.S Postal Service was unfair.

“While we are on the subject, it is reported that the U.S. Post Office will lose $1.50 on average for each package it delivers for Amazon. That amounts to Billions of Dollars,” Trump tweeted on Saturday."

Citigroup study offers a different narrative on the Amazon debate

A study conducted by Citigroup offers evidence about the partnership between Amazon and the U.S Post Office.

Their analysis alluded to last year and found if the U.S Postal Service reallocated costs with their growing volume it would cost $1.46 more to deliver a package.

To date, federal regulators do have the discretion to review contracts made by USPS. In addition, they have not found any wrongdoing or raised any issues to date with Amazon.

A White House spokeswoman confirmed March 29 that there were no immediate plans or plans of action aimed at the electronic online retailer.

Trump once again renews attacks on Amazon

Since last week President Trump has renewed attacks. On Monday he mentioned Amazon's pricing issues with the postal service. This dropped Amazon's shares 6 percent.

Also, the company shares were down to $1,362.48, which wiped out approximately $45 billion from its market value.

This is not going to be the last time we hear of the debate between the White House and Amazon.