You may know Far Cry 5 as the next entry in the ever-fresh series that hits close to home by dropping you into the midst of dangerous fanatics in Montana, but new details just released about DLC and the Season Pass reveal much more to look forward to.


An unexpected, but very interesting, addition to Far Cry 5 is apparently DLC that will have you facing the Viet Cong in Vietnam. Whether this is related to the main game or simply a spin-off is unclear, but it could potentially represent a flashback for one of the characters that may have served in 'Nam.

Regardless, a Far Cry experience set in Vietnam is sure to be something you won't want to miss. I can only imagine how they will leverage the emotion and fear of the jungles of Vietnam and pair them with Far Cry's visceral gameplay.


It seems that every first-person shooter is getting a zombie mode these days. News of Rainbow Six Siege getting their version came out not too long ago (and sounds fantastic). While this is a first for the Far Cry series, I have no doubt they will come up with something special. The Far Cry games excel at allowing higher degrees of freedom and creative problem solving to the standard formula of FPS games, so we can only imagine how those advantages will come into play for a zombie mode!


While details are still scant, it appears Far Cry 5 will also be getting a DLC where you find yourself on Mars combatting — spiders? While this seems to be the silliest of the bonus content coming to Far Cry 5, it is also interesting to consider that the Far Cry series will now have assets for space and non-terrestrial landscapes.

Who knows what future Far Cry games might hold?

Season Pass

For those interested in all or some of the DLC, Far Cry 5's Season Pass includes these three expansions as well as the full downloadable version of Far Cry 3 (many consider this the highlight of the franchise) before the standalone release later this summer.

Whether you're a long-time fan of the Far Cry series, a diehard fan of Far Cry 3, or a potential new fan enticed by the intriguing and unique setting of the newest entry in the series, Far Cry 5 will no doubt make some waves when it releases this March.

I would strongly consider the bonus content of the Gold Edition which includes the Season Pass and bonus content such as the Doomsday Prepper Pack. Big Game Hunter Pack and a .44 Magnum with a unique skin, or you could go with the Deluxe Edition which includes this bonus content but no Season Pass and go piecemeal on the expansions you want (great for arachnophobes!).