"Fortnite's" V.2.4.0 patch has dropped along with the anticipated new Minigun weapon! Another major feature being added is auto-run. These two features are accompanied by a slew of other minor fixes and improvements that will continue to improve Epic's immensely popular third-person shooter. Both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes will benefit from this update.


The latest weapon being added to "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is the minigun which is being introduced in V.2.4.0. What we know so far is this is a high-capacity weapon that the developers are suggesting will be especially useful when destroying structures.

That would suggest a spray-and-pray type weapon that probably lacks accuracy but makes up for it with a 50-100 round magazine. This new weapon is sure to shake things up, especially in the endgame where a defensive structure is your lifeline. I am curious to see which ammo type the minigun will use, as heavy ammo does not seem plentiful enough to accommodate a high-capacity weapon, yet medium ammo would mean the minigun replaces assault rifles which are arguably the standard weapon used by most players.


While this feature may seem less exciting on the surface than a minigun, any Battle Royale player who has spent his or her fair share of time on the battlefield will certainly appreciate it.

Auto-run is one of the first features I told my duo partner this game needed, as crossing open spaces with little risk of an enemy encounter is a great time to check the map, strategize, or do some inventory management. Without auto-run, this often means stopping and addressing these aspects of the game in hiding, couples with relatively long periods of running in a straight line with nothing to do but hold down the joystick and scan your surroundings for unlikely hostiles.

By adding an auto-run option, checking the map or managing inventory will hopefully be something you can do while making a hike into the circle. Just make sure you don't get ambushed!

Other improvements

A host of other improvements and fixes are coming along with this patch, such as the addition of the cozy campfire "trap" to the Save the World game mode.

The silenced pistol drop rates are being lowered in Battle Royale. Many performances, user-interface, and animation items are also being enhanced or fixed to improve the overall functionality of the game and solve minor glitches and annoyances.

While "Fortnite" is not immune to controversy in the gaming community, Epic has certainly proven their commitment to this game and continues to implement meaningful and dense updates to the delight of players.