There is never a dull moment at Wrigley Field, even in the offseason. The Chicago Cubs may be done playing, but the ballpark is still busy. Right now, the Cubs have entered the fourth year of the Wrigley Field Renovation process as the second-oldest ballpark in the majors continues to be modernized. So far, since the winter of 2014, the park has received new bleachers, video boards, a new home clubhouse, a plaza outside the stadium, and restoration of the famous marquee. Oh, and a new World Series banner.

The park is set to have many more changes, and work has already begun.

Here is what to expect Wrigley Field to feature come 2018.


Right now, outside the ballpark is the construction of Hotel Zachary. The hotel has been under construction for over a year now and is set to be ready in 2018. The hotel sits on the lot where the old McDonalds used to be and will even have a new McDonalds restaurant inside the lobby. It is a modern style building with big glass windows that bears the name "Zachary" after Wrigley Field's architect Zachary Taylor Davis. It will feature six stories with 175 rooms for guests. The other surrounding areas around Wrigley are being rebuilt in the form of shopping centers and restaurants, but those will be ready at different times.

Inside the ballpark, there will be more updated concourse amenities, including improved concession stands.

There will also be more replaced terrace level seats as most of the lower bowl's seats are being replaced. The new American Airlines 1914 Club is scheduled to be ready, which is a private club area underneath the home plate section of the grandstand. Other clubs along the left and right field lines have begun to be dug out, but they will not be ready until 2019.

Also, the dugouts for both the Cubs and visitors are being completely replaced.

Current status of the construction

To replace the seating, build new club-level suites, and update the general concourse, the third and first base sections of the lower bowl have been completely demolished. There are now two gaping holes in Wrigley Field lower grandstands as it will be completely rebuilt.

The concrete in the lower bowl has been slowly replaced in sections over the years and now a majority of the old concrete is gone. Also worth noting is that both dugouts and much of the brick walls were demolished as well.

As usual, the turf has been stripped and will be re-sodded before the season starts. There will be some structural work as well to keep the old frame of the ballpark intact, which is usually a routine project in every offseason. All updates to Wrigley Field and its surrounding area will hopefully be all done by the turn of the decade.