A newborn baby received the best gift one could ever asked for after his mother gave birth prematurely while on board Jet Airways' Boeing 737 bound for Kochi, India, on Sunday. According to CNN, the company has promised to give the baby boy with free lifetime passes for being the first baby to be delivered mid-flight for the Indian Airline.

"Born on an airplane"

The Jet Airways flight bound for the southern city of India was redirected to Mumbai after the mother experienced preterm labor at a 35,000-foot altitude. Members of the flight crew and a trained paramedic passenger immediately responded to the scene and successfully delivered the birth of a bouncing baby boy.

The mother and her son were in good shape when they were taken to a local hospital after the plane landed in Mumbai.

"Jet Airways commends its crew for their response and promptness that saw them successfully translate their training into life-saving action," a spokesperson of Jet Airways told CNN.

The Indian airline company did not disclose further details about the newborn and his mother but guaranteed that the two are "doing well" in the hospital. It also promised to provide the baby with a lifetime of free flights, joining the likes of AirAsia, Thai Airways and other airline companies which have provided the same complimentary gift for babies born on board.

One million air miles

Last year, a normal flight from Dubai to Manila turned into a celebratory moment for a mother who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl while on board a Cebu Pacific flight.

The mother was five weeks ahead of her expected labor when she went into a premature delivery and gave birth to Haven on August 14.

Luckily, two nurses were on the same flight and helped the cabin crew in securing the safety of the mother and her baby. The Manila-bound flight had to make a stopover India for further medical assistance.

The Philippine-based Airline Company said it was the first time that a baby was born on its airplane.

And to celebrate the rare moment, Cebu Pacific's Lance Gokongwei promised to reward baby Haven with one million GetGo points which she can share with her family members. Meanwhile, a passenger lauded the cabin crew for being "attentive" and even commended her co-passengers for being understanding of the situation.

Missy Berberabe Umandal said the mother's delivery was quick that they only heard "one semi-loud screech" before they heard the baby cried.