Apple is looking to enter the world of original programming; something Netflix and Amazon have been doing for a number of years.

To get things up and running, Apple decided to grab two former presidents of Sony Pictures Television. The persons in question are Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, and they will come on board the Apple train to create a slate of original shows for the Cupertino company.

Both men will have to report to Eddy Cue, who is the Senior Vice President of internet software and services at Apple.

Creating content of unparalleled quality

Erlicht said that he and his partner Van Amburg, are out to create content of unmatched quality, which is similar to that of other things Apple has set up in the past.

“Jamie and Zack are two of the most talented TV executives in the world and have been instrumental in making this the golden age of television,” according to Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. Apple's Newsroom said that Eddie went on to elaborate,“We have exciting plans in store for customers and can’t wait for them to bring their expertise to Apple — there is much more to come.”

It's not clear what exactly Apple wants the men to create, but we do know it involves movies and series that are similar to those that Netflix is bringing to the table.

The big question is can Erlicht and Van Amburg do what they set out to achieve? It won’t be easy, especially with Apple stepping in the market this late. One thing is for certain; Apple will have to create great content if it wants to compete with Netflix on the same level.

Not everyone has the money to pay for another subscription service, so there’s no room for failure.

When can we expect Apple’s new service to launch?

Content creation takes time, that’s for sure. We’ll likely have to wait quite a number of years before anything is brought to the table. Furthermore, Apple will have to work on the backend service designed to bring movies and TV series to the masses. The chances are, Apple might show its hand in the next two years.

What should Netflix do?

Nothing much at the moment. We have no idea if Apple will have success in this new venture, but that doesn’t mean Netflix shouldn’t keep an eye out for surprises. For certain, Apple won’t enter this market unless it has some tricks up its sleeve.

As for Amazon, well, the company is already facing stiff competition from Netflix, and with Apple entering the fray will only make things even more complicated than before.