The united airlines company is now at the center of a new dispute, after the scandal with the passenger who was beaten by security and kicked out of the plane. According to ABC 7, Lucie Bahetoukilae, a passenger who doesn't speak English, was guided wrongly by United Airlines' employees and she ended up aboard another flight.

Guided to another flight

Lucie Bahetoukilae, a passenger who was traveling to Paris and who doesn't know English, was misguided by airport staff. The woman did not realize that United Airlines had changed the boarding gate to Paris at the last minute.

The employees did not make the announcement in French, nor did they send a notification via email.

She presented the ticket when boarding and after being scanned, she boarded the plane and wanted to take her reserved seat: 22C. As the seat was busy, the stewardess checked her ticket and gave her another place without asking her anything.

So instead of arriving from Newark to Paris — a 7-hour flight — Lucie Bahetoukilae flew in the wrong direction and she arrived at San Francisco. There, after another 11hours spent at the airport, she managed to get a seat aboard a flight to France. Her nightmare finally ended after 28 hours.

United Airlines has publicly apologized

The company publicly apologized, criticizing this as unacceptable.

They recognized their blame and called the incident "a horrible mistake." United Airlines' representatives have acknowledged that the passenger was wrongly guided through their employees' fault.

They also offered the woman a voucher for a flight at a later date when she wants to visit her family in the United States. Furthermore, a representative of the company said they will make sure these kinds of incidents won't happen again in the future.

This is not the first incident for United Airlines

Recently, another incident at United Airlines brought the airline company to public attention worldwide. A passenger was kicked out of a United Airlines plane flying from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, by force. A representative of the company said the flight was overbooked and the crew wanted four passengers to voluntarily give up their seats.

Three passengers agreed to leave the aircraft voluntarily, but it was not the case for David Dao. He was randomly chosen to leave the plane, but he refused. He said he was a doctor and he was expected to treat his patients at a Louisville hospital next morning. Then he was violently dragged out of the airplane by security agents.

A video of this event filmed by one of the passengers was published on the Internet and caused indignation.