Most people love to shop online. Some say it becomes a hassle when they order clothes and discover they don't fit when they arrive. Shoppers have to go through the process of returning them and ordering another size. This takes a long time to get what they really want in the size that fits.

Some retailers offer free shipping for unwanted clothes. Amazon has gone a step further to make it more convenient for online shoppers. On Tuesday, the company announced a new program to eliminate the hassle associated with ordering clothes that don't fit.

Prime Wardrobe program

Amazon's new program, Prime Wardrobe, allows people to order from three to 15 items at a time without paying for any of them initially. Shoppers will be charged only for the items they select and decide to keep. They can return the unwanted items in the resealable box provided by Amazon. There is also a preprinted shipping label that costs the customer nothing to return items within seven days.

As an added incentive for people to keep the items sent, Amazon will deduct 10 percent from the price of an order of three to four items, and 20 percent off for anyone who keeps five or more items selected from the batch.

Prime Wardrobe will let customers try on more than a million items of clothing, shoes, and accessories from famous brands.

A date has not been released when Prime Wardrobe will be available.

The new program is ideal because customers' money is not tied up in advance. Also, a shopper will be able to try on the items in the privacy of his own dressing room at home.

Amazon Prime

Chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, wants shoppers to know that the retailer’s new try-on clothing service will be available only to members of Amazon Prime that some shoppers already have.

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Amazon Prime is a service for $99 a year for customers to get free shipping on items ordered as well as other benefits.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Amazon Prime was made available at a rate lower than $99 a year for seniors and anyone already using a government program such as Medicaid.

Other retailers with the service

Amazon is following other retailers that have been using a try-on service for a while.

The eyeglasses retailer, Warby Parker, allows online customers to keep five pairs of eyeglasses for five days with no obligation to buy any of them. Stitch Fix requires a nonrefundable $20 fee, but it is applied toward any clothing item that is purchased.