The “It’s Not Me Slash Tee” designed by Topshop that is being offered by Nordstrom as one of their latest Graphic t-shirts is being slammed for featuring an ironic and glaring typo. The graphic t-Shirt being slammed has a familiar break-up phrase written along the collar of the shirt. The only problem is the fact that Topshop should have entertained the idea of hiring an editor to review the text before manufacturing the t-shirt.

It is missing an apostrophe

“Its not you its me” is the phrase written across the graphic t-shirt. As grammar nerds who frequent the Nordstrom website have pointed out – the phrase is missing an apostrophe in the word “it’s.” As Yahoo Style points out, the typo is made not once, but twice within the phrase on the shirt.

While the description of the t-shirt on the website doesn’t appear to have the same glaring grammar mistakes and typos, the store is charging $22 for the flawed graphic tee.

The irony is in the phrase

The reason the typo is so ironic is because the phrase is intended to be a familiar breakup phrase, but having bad grammar is known to actually harm a person’s chances of getting a date. Statistics from last year collected by eHarmony and Match (two dating websites) determined that love interests may be just as turned off as an English teacher would be by poor word choice, spelling, and grammar. Hence the irony of a shirt with a typo giving any type of dating or relationship advice.

Other companies have made the mistake before

The one comfort Topshop can take is the fact that they are not the first brand name to make the mistake of manufacturing a t-shirt without apostrophes. Another clothing manufacturer named Tesco made the mistake of selling a t-shirt with the phrase “Daddys little man.” Not only did the clothing brand apologize for the mistake, but they offered customers a refund.

That, actually, wasn’t even the first time Tesco had manufactured a flawed top. The clothing brand also manufactured a t-shirt that read “I was born awsome” – omitting the “e” from the word.

Even celebrities have problems with typos and grammar from time to time. Last year, Justin Bieber debuted tour merchandise which included t-shirts that featured the following flawed sentence “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is God’s purose [sic] that prevails.” As fans constantly reminded Bieber, this typo was especially embarrassing because “Purpose” was the name of the tour.

As of yet, Topshot has not issued a statement regarding the flawed top.