College offers numerous opportunities to students and allows them to study certain fields of interests. College also offers a ton of clubs and organizations, and Georgetown is no different. At Georgetown, there are more than 300 clubs and organizations that students can participate in. But there is one club that I value more than any other in my Georgetown experience.


Working with Children happens to be something I'm passionate about. Math is also a subject that I love and enjoy, so when I was given the opportunity to combine the two, I jumped on the opportunity.

I joined a site called Brightwood in my sophomore year and tutored for a few hours every week. Eventually I would become one of the people who helped coordinate all the tutors and drive them to the site.

In my time with the club, I formed relationships with more than my fellow tutors. I formed relationships with young students, who saw their time with Gumshoe as the highlight of their day. I helped them with problems, and helped them understand why their time in school was important. But I also helped them have fun while I was there, participating in games with the children as well.


I didn't get paid for my volunteering experience. I never cared. The value I got from teaching children and the satisfaction on their faces when they figured something out was enough for me.

I only wanted an opportunity to work with these children and have an impact on their lives.

GUMSHOE gave me that opportunity. And it gives that opportunity to a number of other students who are equally passionate about working with children. Those students have as much or passion than me. And together, we feel like we can make a true difference for the schools in the DC area.

Tutoring in College.

I highly encourage any college students who are reading this to pursue volunteer tutoring in college. I promise your time will be rewarded with something far greater than money. Don't avoid it because you believe that it's a waste of your time. Helping these kids is much better than any financial reward you could receive.

Georgetown students out there have multiple opportunities to participate in tutoring. Some of these are paid, and others are not. I highly recommend this experience to any Georgetown student and wouldn't hesitate to recommend GUMSHOE, which places a heavy emphasis on creating a solid community of student leaders, as an organization on campus to be involved with.