The NFL draft is quickly approaching and speculation around the draft runs rampant at this time of year. Rumors and smokescreens abound in a NFL that tries to trick other teams into believing that they will draft certain players. One rumor which is almost certainly true is the Buffalo Bills will use at least one draft pick on a Quarterback in the 2017 NFL draft.

Doug Whaley's Philosophy.

Doug Whaley's new stated approach to the NFL draft includes taking a chance on a quarterback in the draft every year. He believes this approach will eventually help the Bills land the franchise quarterback they have been lacking since the Bills last made the playoffs.

Last season, it was Cardale Jones in the fourth round. This season, the Bills will select a different quarterback.

Current Situation.

With Tyrod Taylor on the roster, the Bills have their starting quarterback in 2017. Taylor was one of Buffalo's best players last season and remains a part of the reason why the Bills will be in the playoff hunt again. Behind him is sophomore quarterback Cardale Jones, who looked raw and undeveloped as a rookie. Buffalo signed T.J. Yates, with the idea of allowing him to be the veteran backup for Taylor if he gets hurt. With three quarterbacks on the roster, why would Buffalo need to draft another one?

Signs Pointing To It.

Doug Whaley's philosophy isn't the only thing that points towards Buffalo drafting another quarterback.

The Bills have hosted numerous quarterbacks on visits, including Chad Kelly, Philip Walker, and others. These are certainly not first round targets, but they're not players who will be undrafted either. Think it's a smokescreen? That's what head coach Sean McDermott openly admits and has stated, which likely means these quarterback visits are the exact opposite of a smokescreen.

Other Needs.

The Buffalo Bills certainly have other needs at different positions that they will need to address. There is a glaring hole at safety which needs to be filled, and another hole at cornerback with the departure of Stephon Gilmore. In addition, the Bills need to draft a wide receiver after losing both Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin in free agency.

All of those priorities should certainly come before a quarterback, but there's no guarantee that they will with Doug Whaley looking to take another shot in the draft.

All signs point to the Buffalo Bills selecting a quarterback in the 2017 NFL draft. We just don't know when or who it will be yet.