Tension continues to mount in and around Ukraine. Troops of Russia in the region versus troops of other countries have created instability. President Emmanuel Macron of France and Vladimir Putin of Russia engaged in a three-hour-long meeting. They discussed the crisis in Ukraine. Later, Macron had a brief conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden. It seems Biden has agreed "in principle" to a summit with President Putin. They would discuss the crisis over Ukraine.

The White House said the proposed talks could become a reality if Russia does not invade Ukraine.

Such a summit meeting could help to evolve a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis. While the U.S. talks about a possible military operation by Russia, Moscow denies any such plans.

The U.S. warns Russia's invasion of Ukraine is imminent. Russia is believed to have more than 150,000 troops close to the borders with Ukraine. This is as per estimates of the United States. If Russia launches a full-scale assault on Ukraine, the U.S. would retaliate with "swift and severe consequences." U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would work out the details of the possible summit.

Satellite images reveal field deployments near the Ukraine border

Russians have increased military readiness at the border with Ukraine.

The latest satellite imagery reveals new field deployments of Russian equipment and troops. France is trying to arrange a meeting aimed at a ceasefire. Russian President Vladimir Putin agrees that it is necessary to assign priority to a diplomatic solution. It is a war of words between Russia and Ukraine. The former blames the military of Ukraine for escalating tensions.

The latter says Moscow is engaged in a provocation campaign to generate a reason for intervention.

The BBC says both leaders are agreeable for talks through the Normandy Format. This is a group meant to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany are members of this group. The people of Ukraine carried out mock drills in Chernobyl in preparation for an attack.

Boris Johnson described the talks between Putin and Macron as a 'welcome sign'

The proposed summit could help come up with a diplomatic solution. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has described the talks between Macron and Putin as a positive move, but Russia should withdraw its troops from the borders with Ukraine. Russia was conducting military drills in Belarus.

There is an extension of the duration of the exercises. The reason cited by Belarus is the "deterioration of the situation" in eastern Ukraine. The United States already advised its citizens in Ukraine to travel out of the country because of a possible Russian invasion.

The White House confirmed the planned summit on Ukraine

The White House has confirmed the planned summit on Ukraine between United States President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The summit would be about "security and strategic stability in Europe." U.S. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: "President Biden accepted in principle a meeting with President Putin … if an invasion hasn't happened."

She went on to add about imposing swift and severe consequences in case Russia opts for a confrontation. After his call with Macron, Vladimir Putin agreed that it is necessary to use diplomatic efforts in order to resolve the crisis. The U.S. and Russia would finalize the "substance" of the summit during a meeting of officials planned for February 24. Macron has already discussed the subject over the phone with leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.