The crisis related to migrants is a global phenomenon. Britain saw more than 1,000 of them land on its soil in a single day. They crossed the English Channel, which is an unsafe mode of travel. The authorities in France tried to prevent the incident but could intercept only a few. Britain was not happy and warned that the massive volume of people was "unacceptable." In the words of an official of the Home Office: "The number of illegal migrants we have seen departing from France today (Thursday) is unacceptable." The official mentioned the dangers involved in following such practices.

Ultimately, ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misadventures. The New Plan for Immigration will mend the system.

The latest arrival of migrants in a single day –1,185– wipes out the earlier record set on 3 November.

There were children among the migrants

Many of the migrants made use of boats to cross the English Chanel. Border Force took them into custody. There were children in the groups. They were wrapped in blankets, and they came ashore in Dover, Kent. All of them came in groups aboard lifeboats and the Hurricane vessel of Border Force.

In Hastings, the migrants arrived on a beach. Royal National Lifeboat Institution rescued them. There have been a loss of lives due to the difficult journey.

Statistics indicate a rise in the number of people who have completed the trip this year compared to last year's figures. To curb such dangerous practices where human lives are involved, the government of Britain agreed to allot funds to France. The funds would help France to augment its immigration controls.

Britain and France have already agreed on the issue of migrants crossing the Channel.

Weather was favorable for the migrants

More than 1,000 migrants reached Britain by boat after crossing the English Channel. They had the advantage of favorable weather conditions. That made the journey less risky. Border Force vessels spotted them and escorted them into Dover.

French authorities say there might have been a loss of a few lives. This is because a couple of kayaks were adrift near Calais.

The arrival of migrants is on the rise

The BBC provides statistics to reveal a sharp rise in the arrival of migrants into Britain. Before the pandemic, planes, ferry or trains were the modes of travel for most asylum seekers. UK officials want to prevent the Channel crossings because of the dangers involved. A spokesperson of the Home Office said: "The British public have had enough of seeing people die in the Channel while ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misery." The spokesperson went on to add that the New Plan for Immigration would set things right. It would encourage migrants to avoid undertaking lethal journeys.