The world is getting ready to face another climatic disorder. It would be in the form of Super Typhoon Chanthu and Conson set to strike Vietnam and Taiwan. The former is expected to bring damaging winds coupled with heavy rainfall to Taiwan. The people are bracing up for these powerful storms.

The latter would bring rains and floods to Vietnam. Taiwan has already issued sea and land warnings for some regions ahead of Typhoon Chanthu. This falls in the category of one of the strongest storms this year. It would have sustained winds of 160 mph and lead to travel problems.

This is as strong as a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center reveals Chanthu formed on September 6 and intensified rapidly to become the second storm of the year to reach super typhoon status.

CNN says it would pass Luzon in the Philippines and result in heavy rainfall, severe winds, and coastal inundation. These could damage infrastructures like roads, bridges, electrical supply networks, mobile phone networks, etcetera and heap miseries on the people.

Predictions related to Typhoon Chanthu

The Philippine weather bureau said Typhoon Chanthu, locally known as Kiko, would make landfall over Batan and Sabtang in Batanes. Its maximum wind speeds would be around 133 mph with gusts of up to 164 mph.

The forecast cautions about torrential rainfall and typhoon-force winds in parts of Luzon.

A Central Weather Bureau forecaster expects to see torrential rain across the southern part of the island. These could translate into flash floods and mudslides in the high terrain of Taiwan. The intensity of the weather conditions could reduce as the storm nears the southern coast.

As far as tropical Storm Conson goes, regions in the South China Sea would have to deal with this threat. Vietnam has already positioned thousands of soldiers on standby ahead of its arrival. The government instructed vessels to remain in port and has made evacuation plans. Conson would be the fifth storm to make landfall in the country this year.

A super typhoon has sustained winds of 137 mph or more

The Philippine meteorological agency says Typhoon Chanthu could become a category 5 “super typhoon.” It would have sustained winds of 134 mph at its center with gusts up to 165 mph. A super typhoon has sustained winds of 137 mph or more. The authorities warned that the conditions could bring disasters like flash floods and landslides. There could also be strong winds onshore and rough seas. The authorities have advised mariners to take necessary precautions like remaining in port until the threats pass away. The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan has issued a typhoon warning.

No difference between a typhoon and a hurricane

Typhoons and hurricanes are weather disturbances.

Typhoons are the same as hurricanes. The North Atlantic, central North Pacific, and eastern North Pacific refer to them as hurricanes. A smaller typhoon struck the eastern Philippines and resulted in power outages in some locations. The Philippines have to withstand the fury of typhoons and storms regularly every year. It lies in the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire.” Hence, it is prone to disasters. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common in the region.