A team of United States researchers used satellite imagery supplied by a commercial satellite company to discover some startling news about China. It seems the country is carrying out extensive construction work in its western desert. The work pertains to building silos for its ICBMs. Knowledgeable persons believe such actions by China might compel the military planners of the United States in Asia to rethink their strategies on the communist country. The researchers assess the size of the missile field would be large enough to accommodate 120 silos.

These could house ICBMs with adequate range to reach America.

CNN quotes a member of the team saying: "It's really a startling pace of construction. It's a lot of silos. It's much larger than anything we expected to see." The work is not complete yet and appeared to have begun within the past six months. Recently, the Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke on the occasion of the Communist Party's 100th anniversary. His message was that his country would no longer be "bullied, oppressed or subjugated" by foreign countries.

The silos could house ICBMs built in China

The researchers admit there is no evidence to show that the silos are in use, or will be used in the future. However, they could house intercontinental ballistic missiles made in China.

One of these weapons has a range of 7,400 to 9,300 miles. It could be equipped with multiple independently targeted nuclear warheads. In such a scenario, striking the United States could become a reality within a very short time. CNN adds that China displayed its mobile launchers for the missile in 2019, but there is no confirmation about its actual deployment.

Since the country is investing heavily in silos, it is possible it could signal a change in the thinking of Beijing. In the case of a preemptive strike by an opponent, a large number of silos would mean problems because the opponent would have to eliminate more targets.

China must be working on a plan

The silos are a part of some bigger plans of China.

An expert of a U.S.-based nonprofit think tank feels the country is augmenting its capabilities related to nuclear deterrence. CNN goes on to mention that in January, an official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the country would not use nuclear weapons unless first attacked. In any case, it wants to be prepared to face any eventuality. A Pentagon spokesman said: "Numerous Defense Department leaders have testified and publicly spoken about China's growing nuclear capabilities." He added that these could increase over the next decade.

Satellites have spotted nuclear missile silos of China

According to News AU, researchers of the U.S. used satellites to pinpoint construction work on more than 100 ICBM silos of China.

These are near the remote city of Yumen in the country’s northwestern Gansu province. The arrangement appears to include underground bunkers, roads, and a military base. In the opinion of an Australian professor: “It’s a significant change. It would certainly make it a lot harder for the US to use nuclear weapons against China.” Constructing additional missile silos could be a step towards a new Cold War.