Coronavirus is a disease that originated in China and has devastated all sections of life for nearly a year. Worst affected are Travel-oriented businesses because coronavirus is highly contagious. Hence, the initiative of Spain, as revealed in Metro UK, is praiseworthy. It plans to roll out coronavirus vaccine "passports" by the end of May. That could smoothen the path to woo back holidaymakers. Medics advise people to adhere to certain guidelines so that they can remain free from infection. These include avoiding physical contact with unknown persons.

This isn't easy to achieve in crowded places like cinema halls or entertainment or amusement parks or sports stadiums. Hence, they have not got the footfalls and are gasping for breath.

Those who love to travel are stuck with restrictions. Aircraft are on the ground, and cruise ships are in ports, and roads wear a deserted look because employees work from home. The use of words like quarantine and social distancing has become more frequent. The virus has left behind a trail of death in thousands worldwide, and people want normalcy to return. They want to move out of their homes' confines, go to new places, meet new people, and learn about their cultures.

A new lease of life from coronavirus for business

Metro UK explains the coronavirus vaccine "passport" would be a digital scheme. It could be ready for the International Tourism Fair FITUR in Madrid on May 19. María Reyes Maroto is the minister of tourism. She says the unique scheme would help to open up travel within the EU in the first instance.

It would help businesses in the dumps due to coronavirus and earn a new lease of life. Greece could also give the green signal for travel from May 14. That would conform with the dates proposed by Boris Johnson for the Brits to travel abroad. There is a great demand from the UK for holidaying in Greece. Joe Biden, president of the United States, assigned priority to coronavirus vaccination of teachers.

Travel options improve after coronavirus vaccination picks up

Cyprus is another country after Spain and Greece that hopes to market itself as an attractive travel destination in the coronavirus age. It revealed last week that it would welcome those tourists who have undergone vaccination twice from the beginning of May. The designated taskforce in the UK is conducting a review of overseas travel. It would present its recommendations to the prime minister on April 12. Metro UK adds Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is hopeful about people traveling abroad this summer. He also says there were no guarantees. This is because of the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. San Francisco eased restrictions because of a drop in coronavirus infection.

Greece and Spain are waiting for travel to begin post coronavirus

According to Sky News, Britons are waiting for post coronavirus travel to resume attractive destinations like Greece and Spain. Greece is a favorite spot for Britons, and it has tentatively set 14 May to begin welcoming foreign tourists. The date would depend on the status of the pandemic at the time. Greece sees more than three million visitors from Britain each year. This is according to the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. Spain, on its part, has developed a concept of vaccine passports. The country’s tourism minister said it could begin utilizing vaccine passports in May. The road map of Boris Johnson reveals those who live in England could proceed on foreign holidays from May 17.

However, they have to follow guidelines related to vaccination. Businesses associated with travel have suffered and are keen to see a revival soon. Vaccines have come, and people hope the days of coronavirus would soon be a part of history.