Coronavirus has ruined the Travel and tourism sectors. Countries like Italy depend on revenue from these sectors, but the pandemic has devastated these industries. Italy has evolved a new concept to attract tourists and plans to operate "Covid-free" trains between Rome and Milan. These cities are great tourist destinations, and the country wants to revive its economy. The virus has left a trail of death all over the world. It is highly contagious, and the fear of infection has forced people to avoid crowded places. Lockdowns coupled with quarantine and restrictions imposed by different countries have left tour operators gasping for breath.

Airlines grounded their aircraft. Cruise lines anchored their ships in ports. To avoid infection, employers want their employees to work from home. That is the new work culture for some. Roads wear a deserted look, and many cinema halls have closed down to have a sports venue. In short, there is a feeling of helplessness in society.

CNN says there have been various options for the travel sector to emerge from the coronavirus's shackles. There have been pre-travel testing, the quarantine on arrival, and "Covid-free" flights. The latest addition to the travel industry's battle against the pandemic is "Covid-free" trains. The credit for this goes to Italy. This happens to be the first European country hit hard by Covid-19.

Last December, Prince William, and Kate used the Royal Train to travel and thank coronavirus warriors.

Italy to add 'Covid-free' train to its 'Covid-free' flight

The “Covid-free” trains are an initiative of the state-owned Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane. Its CEO is Gianfranco Battisti, and he says - "We will launch a Covid-free train at the start of April." He adds initially, and it will run on the Rome to Milan route.

This would be the initial testing phase. Subsequently, it would cover other destinations for the summer. It would provide a unique opportunity for tourists to visit Venice and Florence. CNN adds the “Covid-free” flights in Italy where passengers undergo tests before boarding and arrival. This applies to flights from Rome to Atlanta and New York JFK.

In May 2017, there was a media report on the future of Amtrak trains and travel in the United States.

The concept of 'Covid-free' train

The proposed routine for "Covid-free" trains would be to conduct COVID-19 tests for passengers and staff before they board the train. For this purpose, passengers must arrive at the station an hour ahead of departure. The train company is developing the procedure in coordination with the Red Cross and Italian Civil Protection. A spokesperson for the company informs the sale of tickets for the Rome-Milan route on the high-speed Frecce trains. CNN mentions Italian trains at present run at 50 percent capacity. Facemasks are mandatory on high-speed trains, and passengers have to book seats in advance and occupy the seats allocated.

Italy to launch a 'Covid-free' high-speed train

According to Independent UK, Italy’s state railway operator is set to launch a “Covid-free” high-speed train service. It will be the first of its kind in Europe and will undergo trials on the Rome-Milan route in April. This is the busiest train route in Italy; hence, it will be implemented here first. The staff and passengers must present a negative test result before boarding. The company hopes the idea will find takers to help restart tourism once coronavirus restrictions ease. Right now, there is a ban on leisure travel within Italy. Obviously, domestic holidays are not happening. Italy already has a similar scheme for flights, which launched in September 2020.

The testing was in the category of rapid testing and involved 30-minute swab tests for all travelers to ensure coronavirus-free status before boarding their flight. Tourism accounts for 14 percent of the country’s economy in normal times.