In order to prevent escalation of tension and ensure peace in the Korean peninsula, the United States has been trying to establish contact with North Korea. The administration of Joe Biden initiated the process in February and tried different methods of communication. It has yet to receive a response. In fact, Pyongyang has yet to acknowledge Joe Biden as the new American president. The two sides continue to remain at loggerheads on the nuclear weapon program of the North. Former US president Donald Trump held three meetings with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, on the subject but could not arrive at a solution.

The United States and other Western powers want the hermit kingdom to give up nuclear weapons. This is not acceptable to Kim Jong-un.

The BBC says one of the channels used by the United States was to communicate with Pyongyang through the North Korean mission at the United Nations. This is labeled as the "New York Channel." An official told a media outlet about various attempts made by the administration of Joe Biden to engage with the country. However, there has been no meaningful contact for more than 12 months. This period includes the final year of former president Donald Trump. In view of a stalemate in denuclearization of North Korea, the United States has to modify its strategy.

Joe Biden wants a policy review on North Korea

President Joe Biden wants to conduct a policy review on North Korea. This will probably happen in April. He has emphasized the need for North Korea to agree to nuclear disarmament. That would be the first step for ease of US and UN economic sanctions. The BBC adds the leader of North Korea has displayed the military capability of his country on several occasions during military parades.

In August 2020, the US Army reported about the huge inventory of weapons held by North Korea. These include nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and cyber warriors. The regime of Kim Jong-un wants the United States to ditch its "hostile policies".

Nuclear ambitions of North Korea a matter of concern

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin would be meeting officials of Japan and South Korea.

They are allies of America and would discuss issues related to the nuclear ambitions of the North. Relations between the two touched rock bottom in 2017 soon after Donald Trump took over as president. That was the time when the North tested long-range missiles that could strike American targets. It created a panic situation. In the initial stages, Trump tried out strong tactics but later decided to go in for a sort of diplomatic tie up that brought Kim to the table. The BBC goes on to add that tensions eased when the former president Donald Trump developed a personal rapport with Kim Jong-un. The two of them developed a personal understanding and held summits in Singapore and Vietnam. However, they failed to reach any agreement because of a clash over priorities related to key issues like nuclear disarmament and sanctions.

Incidentally, North Korea closed its borders with China to prevent spread of coronavirus. That was a costly decision and it affected trade with China, the country which is its main ally.

America has to recast its strategy on North Korea

According to USA Today, the Biden administration plans to draw up a fresh strategy on the North. It has set the ball rolling by reaching out to the regime of Kim Jong-un through different channels and are waiting for some response. An official confirmed - "To date, we have not received any response from Pyongyang." A review of the US policy vis-à-vis the North is on the cards. It will cover a wide-ranging number of topics relevant to the region. North Korea wants to develop the Mount Kumgang complex into a tourist destination.