Satellite imagery reveals increased activity in the main uranium enrichment plant of North Korea. This is the conclusion of US monitors. It emerges soon after the Council on Foreign Relations CFR mentioned the focus of Kim Jong-un. His country continues to remain busy developing nuclear weapons. This poses a major threat to the world as a whole. An American website that keeps track of goings-on in the hermit kingdom says the latest imagery from the reactor area of the complex exhibits continuous operations during winter. Most noticeable was the arrival and departure of some specialized railcars.

These normally arrive at regular intervals to offload their content and depart. Kim Jong-un could try to negotiate with America and pick up from where Trump left off. Sanctions are hurting the North's economy, and he could try to bargain with the Biden administration to get some relief.

Mirror UK says Pyongyang is under international sanctions for its programs associated with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The administration of US President Joe Biden plans to conduct a full review of the subject. Only would it engage in any dialogue with Kim Jong-un's regime on issues related to sanctions and potential aid. In November last, a news report indicated a remote likelihood of North Korea changing its strategy towards the United States after the election of Joe Biden.

North Korea needs careful handling

A professor of Stanford University sounds like a note of caution.

He is Dr. Siegfried Hecker, and in his opinion, North Korea has plenty of resources. The country could build nukes that could reach Japan, an ally of the United States. Kim Jong-un might have to conduct further testing to make them effective. Mirror UK talks about former president Donald Trump and the summits he had with Kim Jong-un.

These failed to bear fruit, neither did they help build any lasting relationship between the two countries. The leaders were unable to agree to an acceptable formula. Kim wanted relief from sanctions, while Trump wanted the North to abandon its nuclear ambition. Their summit ended abruptly in November 2019. An official of the CFR cautions that the danger remains.

He says before leaving office, Barack Obama had cautioned Donald Trump that the North was a major international security threat. The situation has not changed much in the last four years because North Korea continues to ignore UN sanctions and pursue its nuclear weapon programs.

Difficult to predict the actions of North Korea

According to The Straits Times, tensions in the Korean peninsula appear to have reduced, but the United States' challenge remains. Recently, the US Department of Justice indicted a few hackers belonging to the military of North Korea. They were reportedly engaged in schemes to commit cyber-attacks. The intention was to launch financial crimes on a global basis. Former President Donald Trump tried to deter the North from carrying out intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM tests.

The two leaders held face-to-face summits but could not arrive at any solution.

America to review policy on North Korea

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to review the US policy on North Korea. That could lead to a fresh strategy. A spokesman of the State Department revealed to a section of the media: "We are doing that in close consultation with our South Korean allies, with our Japanese allies, and with other allies and partners, both in the Indo-Pacific and more broadly." The Straits Times adds the allies would help define a suitable line of action to counter the challenge of Pyongyang related to its nuclear program and arsenal of weapons. Denuclearization will be an integral part of the strategy.