What a historic day it is for the Jewish state of Israel. Yesterday, September 16, it agreed and officially signed a peace deal with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The UAE and Bahrain become the third and fourth Arab countries respectively to agree to peace deals with Israel. The peace deals open up trade, economic, tourism among other important industries among Israel and the two Arab countries it signed agreements with. All of this is thanks to the great President Donald Trump who has been the best friend Israel could ever ask for.

Trump and Israel

President Trump has done more for the State of Israel than any other American President that has served in the White House.

While Trump was campaigning for President, he made a lot of promises in relation to Israel, he kept his word and carried out what he promised. One of the things he did was have the United States of America recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the embassy there. While this move was met with criticism, Trump stuck to his decision.

He also recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, land that was surrendered by Syria in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Standing up to terror

The United States of America provides foreign aid to various countries and territories in need.

One group that the United States formerly and mistakenly gave foreign aid to was the Palestinian Authority (PA). Rather than spend the money they got on basic human needs, Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the PA, gave the money to perpetrators of terror and their families.

Peace deals

The peace deal signed between Israel and the UAE and Israel and Bahrain opens up tremendous opportunities among each other.

They open up a pathway to trade deals, the economy, tourism among their citizens, and many other beneficial collaborations. One thing that Israel and the UAE have agreed to is finding a way to combat COVID-19.

The ties between Israel and the UAE have already been put into effect as a direct flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi has already taken place and an Israeli delegation has landed in the UAE where reciprocation will occur later this month.

As the representatives of each country signed the peace agreements, named the Abraham Accords, President Trump announced that seven, eight, or nine other Arab countries may soon follow the leads of the UAE and Bahrain and sign a peace agreement with Israel.

Many doubted that President Trump could get an Arab country to agree to a peace deal with Israel. Not only did he preside over an agreement between an Arab country and Israel, but he did so with two Arab countries in less than a month.