There was some news regarding the health of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. Against that backdrop, he held a high-level political conference on a couple of issues like the response to Coronavirus and the forecast of Typhoon Bavi. He appears to be his usual self. The meeting was of the Politburo of the ruling Workers' Party. In the meeting, he expressed concerns over the response to coronavirus. He mentioned about unspecified "defects" and "shortcomings" in the campaign and wanted them to be set right on priority. He also urged his people to ensure that the typhoon led to minimum damages.

The country has already experienced torrential rains accompanied by flooding. Homes and crops have suffered massive damage. These have hurt its economy, which is affected by US-led sanctions because of its nuclear weapons programs. Kim Jong-un wants relief from sanctions, and he had met Donald Trump to evolve a solution. Their first meeting was in Singapore, and it had sent out positive signals to the world. However, they were not able to carry on the momentum to the next meeting in Hanoi. While Trump wanted denuclearization, Kim wanted relief from sanctions. It was a clash of interests. The issue has gone to the back burner. Closure of the North's border amid the coronavirus pandemic has also impacted its economy.

ABC AU says Kim Jong-un has assigned specific tasks for the party and public services. His message is to prevent casualties and minimize crop damage from Typhoon Bavi, which was near the coast of Jeju, a South Korean island.

The South's weather agency predicts it to be one of the strongest to hit the peninsula this year. Its wind speed would be around 96 mph.

Kim Jong-un admits the economy of North Korea needs improvement

There was another ruling party meeting last week. In that meeting, Kim Jong-un mentioned about the economy of North Korea. He made no bones over the fact that the revival of the economy is important.

He wants the ruling party to schedule a congress in January. Its objective would be to set long-term development goals for the next five years. ABC AU adds that the coronavirus pandemic has affected some major economic goals that the leader had set in the opinion of experts. The lockdown of North Korea to check the spread of coronavirus backfired as far as trade with China goes. That country is an ally of the North.

North Korea and the health issues of Kim Jong-un

Rumors had been floating around about the health of Kim Jong-un. ABC AU says an official of South Korea had posted some information on a social media platform regarding the ill health of the leader of North Korea.

The so-called news spread like wildfire in the media. However, he participated in a meeting, and his presence made a difference. One of his worries is a coronavirus. North Korea says there is no confirmed case of COVID-19, but a section of outsiders has doubted the claim. There were reports of a suspected case in Kaesong, a city on the border with South Korea. Test results on the suspect appeared to be inconclusive. Pyongyang has informed the World Health Organization accordingly.

Large outbreak of coronavirus could devastate North Korea

The BBC says Kim Jong-un has directed the authorities of North Korea to take necessary measures against the coronavirus pandemic and Typhoon Bavi that is looming on the horizon.

The hermit kingdom insists that there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases. A major outbreak would devastate the country. It is a secretive state, and outsiders have no access to check the authenticity of the information. They have to rely on official reports. During the meeting, Kim Jong-un was seen smoking a cigarette. There has been speculation about his health, but these have so far proved to be baseless.