The last time Kim Jong-un, the leader of north korea, made an appearance in public was at an event on April 12. Subsequently, he missed the birth anniversary celebrations of his grandfather, state founder Kim Il-sung on April 15. This was strange because it is one of the biggest events in the calendar of the country.

Kim Jong-un made it a point to be present at the event, but this year he missed it. That led to speculations about his health. His presence at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a plant near Pyongyang has set to rest all doubts. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) says there were several senior officials present on occasion.

One of them was his sister Kim Yo-jong. North Korea, also known as the hermit kingdom, prefers to release information through its official news outlets. Hence, it is not easy to assess the true scenario.

The BBC says Kim Jong-un cut a ribbon at a ceremony at the plant. There was a large gathering of people, and they burst into applause. Kim was all praises for the factory, which, he said, would make useful contributions to the country's chemical industry and food production. North Korean state media confirmed that this was the first time in 20 days Kim Jong-un has appeared in public.

South Korea kept a tab on Kim Jong-un

In view of the secretive nature of North Korea, its neighbor had to ferret out crucial information and ascertain their authenticity.

This was all the more important because the South was an ally of the United States. However, there is no confirmation about Kim vis-à-vis the latest reports from North Korean media. US President Donald Trump preferred to remain silent on the issue. He shares a unique bond with Kim Jong-un and does not want to enter into any controversy.

The BBC makes mention of the website run by North Korean defectors. It claims that Kim Jong-un was suffering from some cardiovascular issues for quite some time, but it became worse following a number of visits to Mount Paektu. That led to speculations about his physical condition, and intelligence agencies in South Korea tried to discover the facts of the case.

On April 29, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said - US officials "hadn't seen" the North Korean leader recently. Incidentally, he had gone missing for 40 days in September 2014. That was after he attended a concert. When he reappeared, he was using a cane. At the time, South Korea's intelligence agency clarified it was probably the result of a minor operation on his left ankle.

Kim Jong-un chose May Day for his comeback

According to CNN, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared at a May Day celebration, and was in a jovial mood smoking and laughing; It was his first public appearance in about three weeks.

He addressed his officials at the event, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). On occasion, he cut the ribbon of a fertilizer manufacturing plant and praised all those who had made it possible. The state-run media broadcast a video of the program. South Korea was following the story, and a senior official confirmed to a section of the media that the North Korean leader was in the best of health.

The health of Kim Jong-un was a worry

The two Koreas are diametrically opposite. While the North is isolated from the world, the South is an ally of the United States and an important cog in the wheel in the Korean peninsula. The North has a formidable arsenal of nuclear weapons, and Donald Trump is trying to convince Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear ambitions and embrace peace.

The two of them have met a number of times to work out a formula. However, the absence of Kim Jong-un from an important event leading to rumors about his health. Earlier, in 2017, Kim Jong-un had retreated into a shell. His country is facing sanctions because of its nuclear activities and is losing opportunities. North Korea has to realize that nuclear weapons are unfit in today's world.