The silence on the part of the usually vocal Kim Jong-un has raised a number of questions all over the world. There have been no fresh missile tests for a while and an uneasy calm has descended over the Korean peninsula. There are rumors floating around that the leader is not keeping good health, hence his program of developing nuclear missiles is not an immediate priority.

According to photographs of Kim that have appeared in the local media, it appears he is having health issues. He is 33 years old, and his lifestyle consists of rich foods like cheeseburgers and sushi etcetera.

Such a combination could have contributed to the condition where he finds himself tied down by restrictions.

Obesity is a curse

Daily Star UK reports that Kim Jong-un has been putting on weight. North Korea is a secretive state and one has to rely on information that is made public by official agencies. In one of his recent photographs, when he was relaxing with his near and dear ones, he is seen to be sweating profusely. It is also seen that he has put on weight which can be because of his lavish lifestyle.

During a visit to a factory, he had trouble remaining standing and had to lean on nearby furniture for support. In another visit to a second factory, he looked to be troubled by sweat, which is an indication of some health issues.

His fondness for exclusive foods is no secret, and it seems he is facing various types of lifestyle-related problems.

Can America relax now?

North Korea has the whole world guessing again. Its leader Kim Jong-un had threatened to destroy the United States. It was developing a range of weapons, including ICBMs to target America, and Kim had identified a few possible targets like Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.

The world was teetering on the brink of a nuclear war and, suddenly, there has come an uneventful phase with no visible activity on the missile front from Pyongyang.

Can the sudden quiet be attributed to the global sanctions imposed on the regime? Or – is it due to the rigid stand that was taken by China, one of its allies? Or – is it due to the presence of the US naval power on display in the Korean peninsula?

Or – is it really because of the health issues associated with the lifestyle that is troubling Kim Jong-un?

Whatever be the reason, the world must not let down its guard. The weapons are ready, and an error of judgment could mean devastation. The true facts must be ascertained before the world can breathe easy.