The 39 bodies discovered in a refrigerated lorry trailer in essex were those of persons belonging to vietnam. Local police have arrested some persons in this connection. Authorities have not disclosed their identities but the police suspect they are involved with gangs that smuggle people. Based on evidence that has come out, all the victims are believed to be from this country. In the opinion of the provincial police chief, this appeases to be a case of smuggling instead of human trafficking. It seems to lack of employment opportunities in the country is the main reason for the youth to travel to Europe in the hope of a better life.

It is everyone’s desire to lead a life devoid of worries, which, in a poor country, appears to be a dream. When they try to follow the dream, they end up in miseries as in this Essex case.

The Guardian says Vietnam Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, had issued orders for an investigation into human trafficking. Subsequently, local police arrested a number of suspects who might have had links with the Essex lorry deaths. It seems many families had reported about loss of contact with their near and dear ones. They were in far off places. Obviously, the families wanted to know whether they were among the victims in the lorry. Therefore, the authorities are collecting their DNA samples. They will forward these to the investigating agencies in the UK for further action.

Once their identities are established, their families can carry out the last rites.

Human trafficking ruins lives

Human trafficking is a growing concern and a global issue.

Those who engineer these crimes usually lure the victims with promises of a bright future, in exchange for money. For many of them, it ends up in misery. These rings operate in countries like Vietnam and China and have global links.

The Guardian reports on the effects of this tragedy on the administration.

A delegation of diplomats from Vietnam and the police plan to interact with their British counterparts to discuss various aspects of this case. The police in the UK have taken action by arresting some suspects who would face serious charges. It is not just an issue between Vietnam and Britain but it could include other countries also because setups of this nature have a huge network with links at different levels.

Positive action is necessary

According to Telegraph UK, police in Vietnam have arrested eight people who might have links with the discovery of 39 migrants found dead in a lorry in Essex. There were 31 men and 8 women in the refrigerated truck and in all probability they were from Vietnam.

A remembrance service was held for them at a Church in east London, where many people from that country live. The Essex Police are trying to piece together the evidence in order to identify those responsible for the crime. They have their eyes on suspects in the UK as well as in Ireland.