Essex lorry deaths hit the headlines a few days ago. The world learned of the gruesome discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated truck in Essex. Initially, the victims were believed to be from China but the latest information reveals that some of them could be from Vietnam. It seems one of the women had sent a message to her mother in which she said she was "dying." That opens up a range of possibilities. The police are pursuing all leads and have arrested four persons after the terrible deaths came to the fore. The police suspect the involvement of Human Traffickers.

The Sun UK quotes a media source as saying -"When the door of the container was opened, first responders were shocked to see dozens of dead bodies piled on top of one another.” They went on to describe the sight of some bodies foaming at the mouth and there were bloodstained handprints along the inside of the lorry door. These could be indications that the helpless victims had been banging for help.

Police are trying to piece together the evidence

Police have arrested four persons who might have had links to the Essex lorry deaths. Two of them are a couple from Warrington, Cheshire, plus the driver of the lorry from north Ireland while the fourth person arrested hails from Ireland and police took him into custody at Stansted Airport.

Their interrogation could provide more information about those who committed this ghastly crime. The police are trying to reconstruct the sequence of events. An official confirmed - "They are currently in custody also on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and on suspicion of manslaughter.”

The Sun UK quotes the police as saying initial presumption was the migrants hailed from China but later developments indicate some of them could be from Vietnam.

However, the authorities are not willing to offer any comment on their nationalities. The Vietnamese Embassy in London is in touch with the law agencies. In the opinion of those in the know, at times migrants carry fake passports, which makes it difficult to establish their identities.

Probable links to Belgium and Ireland

According to the BBC, there were 39 bodies (8 women and 31 men) found in the refrigeration trailer at an industrial park in Essex.

It had arrived from Belgium and some Irish persons could be involved in this crime. Police in Belgium are trying to trace the route of the trailer and its driver who delivered it to Zeebrugge. Some of the victims might be from Vietnam. The issue of migrants is global. No one normally wants to leave their homeland but at times, there is a compulsion and one takes such an action. The usual reasons are to escape from violence, poverty, or atrocities. Such people are easy prey of unscrupulous human traffickers who promise to arrange their entry into foreign countries in exchange for money but ditch them on the way.