china has taken one more step to become a power to reckon with in space after America and Russia. It has successfully carried out a landing test of its Mars Rover and added another feather in its cap. China’s tentative plan is to launch the rover in 2020 so that it can land on the red planet in 2021. That will be a historic moment because it will coincide with the centenary of the ruling Communist Party. It would provide them with another occasion to celebrate. The previous one was the landing on the dark side of the moon. No other country has done it and the achievement was an important landmark in the history of space research.

China is determined to lead the race for supremacy in this field.

Daily Mail UK reports about the success of the crucial landing test. The testing was done at a site near Beijing in the presence of guests from 19 countries including the ambassadors of Brazil, France, and Italy. The tests involved checking out performances related to different phases of landing of the rover. These were hovering, avoiding obstacles and deceleration capabilities, and formed a part of the preparatory activities before launching the Mars explorer. The schedule is for 2020 when it will take off for the red planet.

Very little is known about China’s plans

The country is a relatively new entrant in the field of Mars exploration.

Hence, China is playing the cards close to its chest. It plans to launch a lander and rover to the red planet “at an opportune time” next year to explore it in detail. Ye Jianpei, China's chief scientist for these programs already indicated that its teams are ready for the launch. He went on to add the landing of the probe could coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party.

That will be on July 1, 2021.

Daily Mail UK mentioned about China’s lunar milestone in January.

That was when it landed a probe on the far side of the moon. The country has made rapid development when one considers the fact that its first crewed mission was in 2003. China is seeking co-operation with other space agencies to maintain the momentum. Incidentally, it is not a part of the International Space Station. It is working to set up its own version of a space station.

Ambitious space program of China

According to Channel News Asia, China is another country eyeing a foothold on the red planet. It has successfully completed a test of its Mars lander in preparation for the first mission slated for 2020. It will reach its destination after seven months and the final landing process will only last about seven minutes.

The success of the mission will depend on those vital minutes. It will be a test for Renewable Energy and artificial intelligence that will power these missions. Beijing has plans to have its own space station by 2022. It is trying to catch up with the United States to become a space power. One of its ambitions is to have a manned lunar landing.