The eruption of a volcano on the Italian island of Stromboli forced tourists to scurry for cover. This was the second eruption within two months and massive clouds of smoke and ash reached an unbelievable height. The “high intensity” blast happened in the afternoon and there have been no casualties. Concerned agencies have taken note and recorded the event. Many Tourists frequent Stromboli Island and the suddenness of the incident caught them unaware, with the cloud of smoke and ash playing spoilsport to their Travel plans. In an earlier blast, a hiker lost is life.

News AU reports that tourists in boats were caught up in the aftermath of the eruption as thick clouds of black ash approached them. It was a panic situation and they had to beat a hasty retreat. Experts classified the explosion as a “paroxysmal event” that produced a fast-moving mixture of various elements including gas, rock, and volcanic ash, that found their way into the sea. In the July eruption, there was a release of hot trapped magma which killed the hiker and a blanket of ash covered Stromboli.

Witnesses watched the disaster

Many tourists took the opportunity to record scenes of live-action in Stromboli from close quarters.

One seldom gets such an opportunity and the tourists who had come to enjoy their holiday captured the moments. There were many outsiders from other countries present when the volcano erupted. Some of them were in boats and they had to face the smoke and ash the volcano spewed. The experience was not too pleasant but they compensated by taking photos and videos.

News AU quotes experts saying that the volcano on Stromboli is a part of the Aeolian archipelago. It has been active for a very long time and throws up incandescent lava, ash, and volcanic rock on a regular basis.

Volcanoes are natural disasters and it is not easy to predict where, or when, they will strike. When people come to places of this nature, they must be fully prepared to face difficult conditions. An official confirmed – “The situation is under control, but all the same we have activated the normal civil protection procedures.”

Some tourists jumped into the sea

According to The Sun UK, the Italian island of Stromboli attracts tourists and the sudden eruption of the volcano took them by surprise. It sent molten rock spilling from the mountain and the eruption was likened to a "nuke explosion." About 30 tourists jumped into the sea for safety while the hot molten lava resulted in a series of blazes.

The coast guard assured residents there was no risk of a tsunami. There were no immediate reports of injuries but there are reports of fire in some places. The authorities brought in helicopters to tackle the ground fire caused by molten lava.