A sudden eruption of the volcano took the people by surprise. Mount Tangkuban Parahu is a popular tourist destination. Those who arrive there can hike or ride to the edge of the crater. Once there, they can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, including the hot water springs. However, the volcano threw ash more than 600ft into the sky. Obviously, panic-stricken people had to flee from the scene. It happened at around 3.45pm local time and local police indicated that some of them complained of breathing difficulties.

Daily Mail UK mentions about video images that emerged.

They showed people running away on their vehicles to escape from the scene. No one would want to get stranded in a trouble spot. Most of them had to maneuver through the haze of smoke and volcanic ash. The ash blanketed surrounding localities. Authorities said the ash spared the regional capital Bandung. They have issued a warning for tourists to give it a wide berth because there could an increase in volcanic activity.

Volcanoes are not new to Indonesia

In view of the sudden incident, the authorities downed shutters of the Mount Tangkuban Parahu tourism complex, which is a favorite Travel option.

Therefore, tourists who wanted to stay overnight had to go elsewhere. The authorities warned all concerned to remain on high alert because there could be fresh eruptions. Indonesia happens to be is one of the world's most vulnerable countries for such natural disasters. The reason for this is its geographical location that leads to tectonic and volcanic activity.

Most of the world's earthquakes are from this belt. In addition, this region is home to hundreds of volcanoes.

Daily Mail UK adds that this region runs along the Pacific Ocean coastlines from New Zealand to Chile and the coasts of Asia and the Americas.

Disasters of this nature happen when the underground tectonic plates move. The movement could be scraping or sliding underneath one another. When it happens in the sea, it can result in tsunamis. It is difficult to predict when and where it will strike next.

Spate of volcanoes in recent times

According to News AU, the eruption of Mount Tangkuban Parahu volcano happened near Indonesia’s third-biggest city of Bandung. It is just one of many volcanoes in Indonesia. When they erupt they pose a threat to lives and disrupt air travel. This leads to chaotic situations especially on heavily populated islands like Java and Bali. Incidentally, there has been a spate of recent eruptions in other parts of the world.

A couple of days back Mexico’s Popo erupted twice. One of these sent debris more than 3,000 feet into the air. This volcano is the second largest one in North America. Before that, Italy faced two volcanic eruptions this month. Two weeks later, it was in Sicily with Mt Etna, the most active volcano in Europe. The ash it spewed disrupted flights.