The second wildfire, in a week in Gran Canaria, led to the large-scale evacuation of people near Valleseco. Any fire is dangerous and, when it comes to wildfires, they destroy the vegetation, disturb the normal lives of people, and harm the infrastructure. When it happens in a place frequented by tourists, the administration has to gear up its machinery to face the challenge. This fire is described as an out-of-control wildfire. It has spread in two different directions and has already devastated thousands of acres of land. That is bound to happen because tiny flames fanned by strong winds spell all-round misery.

It will take time to get back to normal.

Sky News reports on efforts to contain the blaze. There are specialist teams equipped with the necessary equipment like helicopters and planes for aerial firefighting activities and there are hundreds of emergency responders. According to officials, the fire could spread even further. Angel Victor Torres, the Canary Islands' regional president, admitted, to a section of the media, that it was difficult to control the blaze.

Climate change devastates the environment

Angel Victor Torres said - "The environmental damage has already been done." He explained that it was not a normal situation and that the priority now was the security of the people of Gran Canaria.

This fire was the second in a series of wildfires. The earlier one destroyed thousands of acres of land and played havoc with the Environment. Fire burns down trees and vegetation and displaces birds, animals, and humans from their normal habitats. The disaster leaves behind a trail of destruction that survivors have to live through.

Sky News reports on the high temperatures prevailing in the region. That, when combined with low humidity and strong winds, is a recipe for disaster, like wildfires currently being witnessed.

It is another example of the ill effects of Climate change. Occurrences of this nature are not new to this part of Spain, especially in summer. Hence, there is always a risk of wildfires. It, therefore, becomes necessary to prioritize actions to curb global warming that is responsible for disturbances in the climate.

Tourism in Canary Islands takes a beating

According to Independent UK, the administration has requisitioned helicopters and hydroplanes from mainland Spain to control the fire which is likely to spread. The temperature in the area is close to 40C, humidity levels are below 30% and there are strong winds. Experts view a combination like this as a setting for wildfires. Cross of Tejeda is a favorite Travel destination.

It is on top of a mountain and tourists were recently evacuated to safety. After the fire last week, there were concerns that the embers fanned by winds could spark another fire. Europe is experiencing heatwaves and a Met Office study of 2018 indicated possibilities of more heatwaves because of climate change.