Europe is in the grip of a heatwave. In the opinion of meteorologists, the continent is passing through a difficult phase with temperatures expected to go beyond previous highs in the month of June. Climate scientists attribute this phenomenon to Global warming which has a direct relation to climatic disorders. They say the present situation is the result of several factors. One of these is a storm stalling over the Atlantic. This created a corresponding high pressure over some parts of Europe which, in turn, is attracting the hot air from the Sahara.

The Guardian reports that Stefan Rahmstorf, a climate expert, says current data on weather reveals a rise in heatwaves and similar extreme climatic conditions. He does not mince his words when he says it is “a consequence of global warming caused by the increasing greenhouse gases from burning coal, oil and gas.” This could be an eye-opener for those who hesitate to accept the fact that global warming is the root of many ills that plague the planet.

Europe battles to escape the heatwave

A French weather forecaster believes his country is heading for a new national record. The predictions are of temperatures in the region of 45C (113F) in some parts.

The authorities have taken care of the vulnerable section of society by putting health services and retirement homes on alert. They have also issued instructions directed towards children and elders who must not ventures outdoors and be vigilant about dehydration and heatstroke. The French president, Emmanuel Macron made a mention of the most vulnerable people and said, “We must be vigilant and have preventive measures in place in order to intervene as quickly as possible.”

The Guardian makes a mention of what France’s health minister, Agnès Buzyn said.

She said situation today was different to the heatwave of 2003. At that time, the death toll was 15,000 and today the country was better prepared to handle such crisis. She added that people must change their outlook on life and adapt to the new scenario.

Global warming may be blamed for heatwave in Europe

According to ABC AU, Europe is expected to face abnormally high temperatures in the coming week and warnings are issued for the children and the elderly.

They must stay indoors as long as the heatwave rages. Meteorologist Andreas Friedrich suggests some remedies like trying not to indulge in physical activities during the day, remain in the shade, and drink plenty of liquids.

In Berlin, zookeepers gave elephants refreshing showers to cope with the heat. They also took care of other animals to escape from the heat. Tourists in Rome and Paris had a tough time coping with the heat. In Paris, the authorities have set up "cool rooms" in municipal buildings, kept the pools open for late-night swimming and installed extra drinking fountains. People are taking the heatwave seriously to avoid deaths and illness in Europe.