Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met at the DMZ in North Korea, shook hands and agreed to forge ahead with talks on denuclearization. That was end June and there is not much progress on the subject since then. Moreover, the US and South Korea have plans to conduct their military exercises soon. These are worrying the hermit kingdom and it has resumed its missile related activities. It launched a couple of them last week and two more yesterday. They were from the same site and directed towards the Sea of Japan. Kim’s regime appears to be desperate and wants to send a message to the US.

Daily Mail UK says the launch of four missiles within a short span of time could be pressure tactics to halt the upcoming joint military drills and restart talks on denuclearization. South Korea keeps track of such activities. It said the missiles flew 155 miles out to sea, and attained a maximum altitude of about 19 miles. The model looked to be different from previous launches.

North Korea justifies its stand

Pyongyang justifies its stand. The country’s state media said Kim Jong-un supervised the missile tests.

The purpose of the test was to deliver a “solemn warning” to South Korea which had procured high-tech weapons and was going ahead with the planned military drills. After the meeting with Trump and Kim in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas, Pyongyang accused Washington of going back on a promise. It pertained to the joint military exercises with South Korea.

The North warned that such actions would be counterproductive.

Daily Mail UK adds South Korea indicated that the drills would not involve troops in the field.

It would focus on computer-simulated situations and would proceed as planned. The US was aware of the launch and it was monitoring the situation. Japan, on its part, confirmed the missile did not pose any threat to its security. The missile has similarities to a Russian-made short-range one, with nuclear capabilities and could cover all of South Korea. It would also be difficult to intercept. Pyongyang is struggling with sanctions and its recent launches amount to violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Mike Pompeo says talks could start very soon

According to BBC, Kim’s regime perceives the planned US-South Korea military exercises as a preparation for war. Hence, it is restarting its missile testing.

One method of expressing its anger is by renewing these tests. North Korea says the drills are a "violation of the spirit" of the joint statement that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un signed in Singapore last year. It warns that continuation of the drills could have an adverse effect on resumption of talks on denuclearization. Of course, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that he hoped these talks could start "very soon." Incidentally, last week North Korea displayed a new submarine, which could carry up to three ballistic missiles.