Every summer the mainland and the numerous islands of Greece are filled with tourists, from all over the world, who bask in the country's history, food, museums, nightlife, and weather. But a few days ago, in Athens, huge fires have killed many tourists and local Greeks, consuming all in its wrath. Recent news has revealed that there is an investigation going on that the fires could have been started deliberately by criminals.

82 dead and rising

Athens, Greece has been subject to fires, but fires in other places, like one at Yosemite National Park, have destroyed a lot of acres in California.

California and other areas frequently get wildfires from the extreme heat and dry weather. However, the death toll from the fire in Athens has reached 82 people, with a lot of damage to homes and cars, according to an article by CBS News.

The incident is one of the worst in decades for the country. The strong winds made the situation worse, as the flames spread very quickly across the area, making people rush to the nearby sea for safety. According to the article by CBS, "During the fire on Monday, hundreds fled to nearby beaches, with many swimming out to sea to escape the ferocious flames and choking smoke. Several of the dead were people who drowned." The fire consumed the vacation resort along with nearby cars and homes.

The fire took many by surprise, as people ran for their lives, but some could not find an escape route through the narrow streets and "hundreds of homes were burnt in the blaze." The fire even managed to burn trees and vegetation nearby. Some have blamed the authorities for not preparing enough to rescue tourists and others.

Fire believed to be caused by arson

A recent story done by ABC News indicates that the huge fires could have been caused by arsonists. ABC News lists the whole situation as a "fire trap," because there were not many escape routes and poor safety guidelines. A minister suspects that the fire could have certainly been caused by criminal activity, as satellite images have shown that other fires were started in other areas.

Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas said that "We have serious indications and significant findings of criminal activity concerning arson." This would not be the first time that criminals have set fires in the country. In addition, the US has been assisting Greece with drones to get images of the aftermath. Many lost family members and friends due to the fire and Greece is getting assistance to identify bodies.