Yosemite National Park is in the grip of a wildfire that has already scorched 12,525 acres south of Highway 140. Only a little percentage of it has been contained, as was revealed by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The Ferguson fire is spreading southward putting rural communities at risk. Teams of firefighters are battling the blaze in spite of high temperatures, low humidity, and light winds. The cause of the fire is believed to be the presence of dead or dying trees in the region.

Los Angeles Times reports one firefighter has lost his life and more than 100 homes are threatened.

The dead person was operating a Cal fire bulldozer and his vehicle tumbled down a steep canyon. He was cutting away surrounding vegetation to prevent the spread of the fire.

Wildfire means losses all round

The wildfire due to tree die-off in California has been aggravated by the drought conditions. Los Angeles Times adds "last year, the state witnessed the most destructive fire season in history." The fires led to the loss of lives and thousands of homes and were believed to have been fueled by dry conditions coupled with unusually powerful winds. The Ferguson fire in the Yosemite National Park is the latest to get added to the list.

It is the environment that suffers because the wildfire burns down trees, homes, and properties.

It also plays havoc with the lives of people and robs the wild animals of their habitats. They are then forced to encroach into human territories leading to man-animal conflict with unpleasant results. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that it could take centuries to recover lost ground due to the gradually diminishing green cover of trees.

Yosemite Park will be open in spite of the wildfire

According to CNN, the Ferguson fire has forced the closure of a part of Highway 140 which is one of the entrances to the park. In spite of the wildfire, Yosemite National Park will remain open. However, Forest Service officials have said that those who wish to enter must go in at alternate entry points.

The fire is raging along the western edge of Yosemite in Mariposa County and teams of firefighters are on the spot trying to contain the blaze. The Forest Service has cautioned people to be vigilant when venturing outside their homes because visibility will be poor due to smoke, and they should drive with caution. The hot and dry conditions are expected to remain for more days.