In the early 20th century, LGBTQ rights were nonexistent. LGBTQ individuals were beaten and even killed for their sexuality. Luckily, thanks to some influential political figures, there have been numerous improvements in the legal system and American culture having to do with gay rights over the past few years. Gay marriage was legalized during President Obama's White House stay which helped thousands and thousands of gay couples marry their partners legally.

Members of the LGBTQ community still suffer from discrimination and hate crimes. According to a 2007 report on hate crimes against gay persons by the HRC and Federal Bureau of Investigations, there were over 1,265 incidents, but for the most part, America seems to have adapted somewhat well to gay rights.

However, not every country has adapted to the same ideals and many countries jail and even execute LGBTQ individuals.

Video of Chinese women being beaten circulates around the web

On May 15, Independent News reported a video which showed Chinese women being beaten by security guards for handing out rainbow patches in front of the 798 art district in Beijing in preparation for the May 17 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia for the LGBTQ community. They had hoped to pass out over five thousand patches, but their goal was stopped short by unspeakable violence. Originally, the video was posted on China's social network Weibo but was soon taken down, as the site claimed it violated its policies on gay rights.

Although China legalized homosexuality in 1997, it remains a very taboo subject, especially with the more conservative political officials. Shows that portray homosexual relations are generally still censored in China, websites ban gay content, and there are many hate crimes against the LGBTQ community, with plenty of discrimination to go around.

Three guards removed due to brutality of beating

The beating that these woman suffered was brutal, the video is horrifying, and quite frankly, disgusting. It showed security guards, who later claimed the women started it by flipping them off, punching the women and throwing them onto the ground. Both women sustained substantial injuries, including one woman needing stitches to her face as a result of the violent encounter. Three guards have been removed from their jobs for their involvement in this violent incident.