British police have arrested 19-year-old Zoe Adams in what could be the most bizarre crime of 2018. According to the Carlisle Crown Court in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, the Teen mother decided to approach her boyfriend Kieran Berwick with an offer for "kinky" sex. Adams asked then 17-year-old Berwick if he would mind being suffocated and intoxicated during the proposed act of lovemaking.

It turns out that Adams has long had a fascination with serial killers. Her proposal to Berwick was all about putting him in the proper position for a near-fatal attack.

After smoking cannabis and drinking vodka with her boyfriend, Adams put a pillow over Berwick's head and stabbed him several times.

Shockingly, during this attack, Adams wore clown make-up and told her defenseless boyfriend to trust her as she stabbed him in the arms, thigh, and chest with a ten-inch knife.


In her defense, Adams told the crown court in Carlisle that she blacked out during the assault. This was supposedly the result of her ingestion of large amounts of marijuana and alcohol. The court did not buy Adams' argument, and the young mother was sentenced to eleven and a half years in prison for unlawful and malicious wounding and intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Also at the trial, it was revealed that Adams was partially motivated to stab her boyfriend at least five times because of her desire to commit human sacrifice.

It also appears that Adams derived some form of pleasure from scaring Berwick, who had previously told his girlfriend about his deep-seated fear of clowns.


The badly wounded Kieran Berwick managed to survive Adams' attack by escaping from the couple's bed and running down a nearby street in his underwear. Ultimately, he managed to alert one of Adams' aunts and tell her that he had been stabbed.

From there, the woman called Cumbria police to the scene.

The attack, which occurred in June 2017, was presaged by a text exchange between the couple that discussed their sexual fantasies. Adams told Berwick in one text that her deepest turn-on was the idea of tying a man up and "sacrificing" him (i.e., killing him). Detective Constable Calvin Greaves of the Cumbria Police also told British tabloid journal The Sun that Adams' personal cell phone contained several pictures featuring blood and genitalia.

One disturbing message even talked about a crime where a woman emasculated a man and cooked his detached parts.