One of the decisions taken by Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-In at the summit was to remove the loudspeakers at the borders. These used to be propaganda broadcasts meant to influence the people on the other side. The leaders felt that since reunification was on their agenda, these types of equipment could be turned off.

ABC News reports that in keeping with the sentiments, both the Koreas have removed them. Such an action is seen as the first step towards peace in the region. The president of South Korea also wants the United Nations to follow up on the closure of the nuclear test site of North Korea as agreed by its leader.

The first step is taken

The propaganda broadcasts along the border between North and South Korea had been a regular feature for quite some time but was put on hold before the summit between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in. It was a tentative step towards normalizing the relationship that had begun when Kim reactivated the hotline that had been closed for a long time. Moon responded by inviting the North to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the stage was set for their meeting.

South Korean soldiers have removed the loudspeakers from different locations in the presence of journalists. An official of South Korea has informed that the North has also taken similar action. Incidentally, both the Koreas had stopped these broadcasts before the summit.

Whether they admit it or not, reunification is at the back of their minds. Hundreds of families have been separated for decades, and they want to rejoin.

The Trump-Kim summit

The next logical step is the much-awaited summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Both of them used to engage in verbal duels, but gradually the intensity has reduced.

Trump has expressed satisfaction with the way Moon Jae-in has handled the mini-summit with Kim and is looking forward to meeting the leader of North Korea. In fact, the US President has indicated his willingness to have the summit in Panmunjom where Kim and Moon had met, or in Singapore.

Before the Trump-Kim meeting, the leaders of South Korea, Japan, and China will be getting together in Tokyo to discuss issues related to the nuclear programs of Pyongyang as well as other regional issues.

Kim Jong-un has already taken several steps to prove his sincerity. He has agreed to close down North’s only known nuclear test site and will invite experts and journalists to be present on occasion. He could be thinking about reunification and eying its benefits.