Benjamin Netanyahu disclosed intelligence about Iran's nuclear ambitions. They were a lot farther along then they claimed during negotiations for the Iran Nuclear deal. They have stopped developing nuclear weapons since signing the deal during Obama's presidency.

This is disturbing news. Iran claimed that they had no nuclear weapons development in place before negotiations began. They were only supposed to develop nuclear power plants for their electricity. Iran lied about their plans and how far those plans were developed.

Project Amad

Mossad agents acquired the documents from Project Amad.

Mossad is the equivalent to America's Central Intelligence Agency. They acquired 55,000 pages and 55,000 electronic records from Iran. It is what Netanyahu called Israel's, “biggest-ever intelligence achievements,” according to The Telegraph website.

The documents were obtained from the Shorabad district of southern Tehran. Project Amad was discontinued in 2003. The documents were hidden from everybody including the people of Iran. Few people knew of their existence and where they were stored to be used in the future. The documents were concealed by the same scientists that did the original research.

Iran Negotiations

Iran during the negotiations denied enriching uranium for nuclear weapons. They insisted that their nuclear reactors were strict to generate power for themselves.

The documents clearly demonstrate that they were further along in the research than they told Secretary of Defense John Kerry. He was the main negotiator during the Iran deal.

The significance of these findings by Israel is the deal is set to end in 2026. At that time, parts of the deal cease and Iran can start enriching uranium again.

They would be able to develop nuclear weapons a lot quicker, once the deal ended.

The smuggled paperwork did not prove any wrongdoing since 2016 when the deal took effect. Iran has lived up to their end of the deal. The last inspection of Iran's nuclear facilities was completed in February of this year. They had not violated the terms of the agreement and Israel's head of military stated, “right now the agreement, with all its faults, is working and is putting off realization of the Iranian nuclear vision by 10 to 15 years,” according to The Telegraph website.

United States Verification

President Trump has until May 12 to reestablish sanctions against Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu has been against the nuclear pact since the beginning. His timing is questionable since the opt-out period is so close.

The United States received copies of the intelligence over the weekend. They have verified the authenticity of the documents. An official for The United States according to The Washington Free Beacon website, stated, “all the materials we have reviewed are in our assessment authentic.” The intelligence is sound and proves that the Iranians were further advanced in their procurement of nuclear weapons.

President Trump has been against this deal from the beginning. He extended it earlier in his presidency due to the fact that the inspectors did not find any wrongdoing. Although he has not made up his mind on his course of action yet.

Trump has been stating that the deal was not good from the start. This new evidence proves that he was right from the beginning. On The Washington Free Beacon website, a source stated, “ Forget the policy implications, which get to the heart of the deal, this shows how the whole sale was built on a lie. Expect to see momentum build in Congress for just scrapping the whole thing.”

America is not the only country that was involved in the negotiations. Russia, Britain, Germany, France, and China.

It is the Security Council of the United Nations plus Germany. The other countries are trying to persuade the United States to amend the deal not stop it. It will be interesting to see what these countries will do with the new information.

This new intelligence makes Trump's decision easy. The deal was signed with facts known by Iran that were not disclosed to the other negotiators. An agreement reached in this manner is fraudulent. Trump has claimed that he will end this deal because it was bad for America. President Trump will implement sanctions against Iran, effectively ending the Iran nuclear deal.