Two men posing as doctors are on the run from authorities today after killing a newborn Baby Boy by removing all signs that he was born a male. They mutilated the infant and presented the baby to the mother as a "girl with a deformity."

The men posing as doctors did this after their fake prenatal tests deemed the child a girl. The newborn died from massive blood loss shortly after they performed the horrendous hacking procedure.

The incident took place in India where prenatal tests to determine the baby's gender are illegal. This law was put in place to stop the abortions of unwanted girls in the country, according to the Straitstimes.

This fake clinic that was run by these two men posing as doctors were performing ultrasounds and disclosing the gender of the babies to their patients.

Promised a girl

The tests were as fake as the doctors themselves and the two men were getting rich quickly with this fake clinic. When this woman was told by these men that she was having a girl but she gave birth to a boy, the fake doctors came up with a scheme that turned into tragedy.

Newborn mutilated

The men removed the baby's male parts and the infant died shortly after due to the amount of blood he lost, according to the autopsy. The mother of this baby had visited the clinic several times during her pregnancy where she did take a Prenatal Test that determined she was going to give birth to a girl.

Apparently, this woman was fine with having a baby girl, but India was seeing a problem with an influx of abortions when parents learned the gender of their baby would be female. For that reason, the prenatal test to determine a baby's gender was banned, but that hasn't stopped the pop-up clinics from offering the test.

Wanted for murder

This clinic has been in operation for several months, according to reports. Now the two men who were posing as doctors and running this clinic are the center of a manhunt in India. They are Wanted For Murder.

After the newborn died, murder and fraud charges were filed against the two fake doctors who fled the area after the family of the dead baby went to police.

The men have not been seen since April 25.

Fake clinics

It is not uncommon for unqualified medical practitioners to set up shop in India where there is a shortage of doctors and proper medical care. This is especially true in the rural areas of the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the minimum of one doctor in practice for every 1,000 people in the population being served. In India, it is one doctor to every 1,684 people, which is far below the minimum standard.