John Bolton joined President Trump's staff last week as national security adviser. He replaced H.R. McMaster who was fired by Trump. Bolton immediately started clearing the staff with multiple resignations after he took the position.

There are multiple theories for the resignations of the current staffing. One is that he is replacing employees loyal to the outgoing National Security Adviser McMaster. He is ensuring that he has employees with his same beliefs. This will lessen the chance of a mutiny when he makes decisions in his role as National Security Adviser.

The second reason is what, people call a conspiracy theory. He is trying to rid the national security team of the deep state. The deep state are the holdovers from the previous administration and are loyal to former President Obama. Bolton has not given a reason for the recent resignations.

John Bolton has a long history of public service. He was a long-time United Nations ambassador to the United States. He was there after September 11 and helped orchestrate the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with President Bush. He has supported every American invasion in recent history including Afghanistan.

He has been classified as a neocon. A neocon is a supporter of the war and forcibly enforcing countries into democratic societies.

Also, it is rumored that he has the same views as the potential future Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Trump seems to be establishing a neocon administration with these recent hires.

Trump is likely changing the culture of his administration. He has maintained that he wants to pull the troops out of the Middle East. Trump has repeatedly stated that he would like these countries in the region to figure out their own civil wars and issues.

These recent hires are in contradiction to that stance and inviting more active involvement from the United States in the region.

Bolton's views

John Bolton has always been a strong supporter of American invasions across the globe. It was really surprising when he was quoted in 2013 stating, “I don't think it is in America's interest.

I don't think we should in effect take sides in the Syrian conflict.” This was from an article on the Tri-City Herald website.

One week into his job as National Security Adviser he was a staunch supporter of action against the Syrian regime. A completely different attitude five years after stating that we have no business in Syria. The circumstances were the same that year after a suspected chemical attack by the Syrian regime. Same circumstances, different attitude. It is like he takes the view of his boss and agrees with him.

America does not need an adviser that is willing to take the stance of his boss. America needs adviser that will play devil's advocate and question some of the moves made by the President.

The President needs to hear from both sides and then make an educated decision.

In fact, according to the Newsmax website he was in favor of a bigger use of force against the Syrian regime. He wanted to attack military targets instead of striking facilities that house chemical weapons. This is an escalation of war over and above the scope of discouraging the future use of chemical weapons.

Luckily America had Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who discouraged a bigger show of force. Mattis was nicknamed “Mad Dog” because of his ruthless tactics while a general with the Marines. Calmer heads prevailed and alleviated the chance of starting a World War that would have been devastating to all humanity.

Iran has supported Syria during their Civil War. John Bolton has long been a proponent of regime change in Iran. He also does not support the Iran Nuclear Deal that was signed in 2015 while Obama was in office.

He believes that Syria is the key to gaining control in the Middle East. It is a pipeline to Iran of which it shares a border. If the regime is changed in Syria, then we defeated an ally of Iran and now will have an easier time overcoming the regime in Iran.

Wartime America

America needs to stop being the World's police force. We need to pull out of the region and support our allies but ensure they secure themselves. Since 2001 we have been fighting either in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Secretary of State Mattis talked President Trump into a more controlled smaller attack focusing on chemical weapon facilities.

If he had not been there, then the newest member of President Trump's staff would have encouraged a more robust military action. This would have led to World War III.

President Trump has maintained that he wants to pull troops out of the region. His recent hire John Bolton as National Security Adviser has a different opinion. He has also recommended Pompeo as Secretary of State. It looks like Trump is building up a team of neocons around him contradicting his stated goals in the region.

John Bolton seems to agree with who is in charge at the time. He agreed with Obama in 2013 by not supporting military action against Syria. America needs people in government that will defend America, not creating more conflicts across the World to enhance our agenda.