By now most of the world knows that William And Kate have had another bundle of joy and the Royal Family has grown to three. Now millions of folks in the UK and across the globe are eagerly awaiting the announcement from the Duchess of Cambridge on what the new little guy's name will be. If you have a hunch on which name Prince William and the Duchess may choose, you can place a wager on it, that is if you are into that type of thing, and apparently, the betting public is.

Bookies are collecting

So who would want to put up their hard earned money on what the newest member of the Royal family will be named?

According to The Sun, evidently a lot of folks!

The Sun indicates that now that the public knows that there is a new Prince in town, what names have been tipped for the Royal baby boy? With all of the female names obviously now pushed to the side, William Hill sportsbook indicates that the favorites are listed as Arthur, Albert James, Philip, and Alexander.

Did William tip his hand?

As followers of the Royal family wait for any clue that may tip them off to the name of the now fifth in line to the crown, a comment Prince William made a while back single-handedly changed the odds for William Hill within minutes.

The online sportsbook giant was taking wagers on a prop bet "will the baby be male or female" for the first five to six months or so, however, when Prince William had a minor slip-up and mentioned that the baby could be a boy, the odds were slashed on potential male baby names. William also happened to mention that he may name the newborn Jack.

Why Jack?

As the story goes, William was attending a football match that was taking place between Aston Villa and rivals Cardiff City. At the time the Prince allegedly told fans "I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack" after Jack Grealish scored. Moments later he reportedly quickly added "Or Jackie,” obviously covering both sexes in case the addition turned out to be a girl.

That comment led William Hill to add "Jack" to the name possibilities. Wouldn't that be something if they named the newborn Jack? The odds of it happening are slim to none, but it sure would have the public buzzing. It also would make Jack Grealish feel pretty darn special as well!

While many people believe it is kind of silly to wager on something like this, many others don't. In fact, when William and Kate had their first child, people were lining up for days to place a wager on the name possibilities.

Just like the stock market, the odds for the favorites to name Royal baby number three are changing by the hour and that may be due to the fact that no one is sure when the big announcement will take place.

Here is the up to date list of odds according to The Sun. Arthur is the favorite at 7/4, followed by James (5/1), Albert (11/2) and Philip at 6/1. The longshots are Thomas and Edward, both at 12/1, with Louis, Henry, and Jack all coming in at 14/1. Alexander has the largest odds on the board at 16/1.