China is the most important ally of North Korea and Kim Jong-un finally took the plunge to travel to Beijing. His mission was to engage in a face-to-face interaction with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was Kim’s first foreign visit after he took over the reins in 2011, and he traveled by train accompanied by his wife Ri Sol Ju. The train covered the distance of 680 miles from the city of Dandong to Beijing in 14 hours.

Daily Mail UK reports that Kim was accorded a grand welcome in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where Xi Jinping had entertained US President Donald Trump.

There was a banquet in the honor of Kim and his wife where Peng Liyuan, wife of President Xi was also present. The president accepted an invitation to visit North Korea.

Reaction by the United States

All eyes are now focused on the denuclearization of North Korea. The efforts of Moon Jae-in bore fruit when Kim Jong-un finally agreed to attend a summit with Donald Trump. The US president believes that Kim will agree to halt his activities connected to the development of nuclear weapons. It seems Xi Jinping has confirmed to Trump about Kim’s visit and subsequent interaction which he has termed as being productive.

Donald Trump has high hopes for the forthcoming summit which could bring back peace in the region.

He feels Kim Jong-un will abandon his nuclear ambitions and turn his attention to work for the betterment of his own people.

No one wants a nuclear war

The present signs are positive because Kim Jong-un appears to have mentally prepared himself to shelve his nuclear ambitions. If he really does that, it is possible that the existing sanctions imposed on his country will be relaxed which will bolster the economy.

Donald Trump has already agreed to the summit meeting in May while Moon Jae-in plans to meet Kim in April. The sudden visit of Kim to Beijing and consultation with Xi Jinping are significant developments in the peace process.

The nuclear weapon programs of North Korea were a threat to the United States. The situation aggravated when Pyongyang identified a few probable American targets and sent missiles flying in the direction of Japan which is an ally of America.

Fears of a nuclear confrontation gripped the world, and Moon Jae-in took steps to defuse the tension through the 2018 Winter Olympics. Moon’s strategy clicked and Kim Jong-un agreed to have dialogue with Donald Trump to pave the way to peace in the Korean peninsula.