As we type away and go about our daily events, a popular island destination in Indonesia has been troubled by its volcanic mountain spewing out gas and steam over the past week. Last week, the eruption of Mount Agung also forced the closure of several airports on the island. Many travelers were left stranded after their holiday there.

Airlines with flights to Bali from neighboring countries have to also advise passengers to rebook their flights to other destinations or to defer their holidays. The entire situation is still volatile, and despite the fact that lava growth seems to have slowed down, it is no telling when another eruption may occur.

'Stranger Things'

Netflix's sci-fi drama 'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown was also affected by the airport closure. The thirteen-year-old plays Eleven in this popular hit series. Brown was there for a three day trip after visiting Australia but ended up having to stay in Bali for ten days when authorities grounded flights.

If that isn't one of the strange things, a rare supermoon can be seen by Mount Agung just last night. The brightly lit moon shining upon the mountain that is filled with volcanic ash is indeed an eerie sight.

Volcanic activity in Bali

Bali, and Indonesia as a country, is no stranger to volcanoes. Volcanoes and its people have co-existed for centuries. That being said, it is pertinent to note that Mount Agung, the highest point on the island, last erupted in 1963 killing thousands of people and destroying several villages.

With it being a popular escape from the cold winter in Europe and America, Bali is expecting an increase in the number of tourists in December.

Defer travels to Bali

Even though flights have resumed, the authorities are still on high alert while thousands of locals continue to pray for the eruption to stop. A Balinese Hindu village just conducted a ceremony yesterday to give offerings to the gods, seeking to quell the rumbling volcano.

Since September this year, when the volcano first started rumbling, officials have been closely monitoring the situation. The Indonesian government has issued several advisories to people of the world to avoid traveling to the island. They have also evacuated villagers living in the area as a precaution. Tourists who are in Bali should also stay 8 - 10 km away from the rumbling mountain.

With the volatility of the next impending eruption, travelers should consider alternative destinations in the busy holiday month.