In order to pass on advance information to its people about an impending nuclear attack from North Korea, the authorities in Hawaii have decided to make use of its sirens. It conducted a test that lasted for a minute with the purpose of checking their serviceability because the devices had been put in cold storage after the end of the Cold War.

Sky News reports that the sounding of the warning system would become a regular monthly feature to ensure that the Hawaiians are warned, and their safety is ensured to the extent possible.

However, the testing revealed that some of the 385 odd units installed across the islands either malfunctioned or the required decibel to attract attention was absent.

This was especially true along beaches where the sound of the waves drowned the sound of the sirens. Obviously, these must be fixed, and soon.

Importance of Hawaii

Hawaii is the state located nearest to the Korean peninsula and is also headquarters for the military in the Asia Pacific region. A number of key bases, including Pearl Harbor, are in the vicinity. That is probably the reason why North Korea has selected Hawaii as one of its probable targets. Hence, the authorities have tested the sirens which will be used to inform its population about an approaching aerial threat.

The test had been planned some time ago but was finally carried out when Pyongyang claimed to have launched its most powerful missile to date.

It was labeled as a weapon that could strike the US mainland and is a matter of concern.

Tension rises in the Korean peninsula

The latest ICBM launch of North Korea after nearly two months of apparent quiet has shocked the world. The height attained by the missile and the distance it traveled is significant from America’s point of view because such a weapon could target any location in the United States.

The tension in the Korean peninsula could escalate further since a joint military exercise is scheduled between the US and South Korea, and Pyongyang views this as an act of aggression.

As far as Hawaii is concerned, in the event of an attack, it would get less than 20 minutes time before the missile strikes. Therefore, the sirens will come into action to warn the people who are outdoors to seek out suitable shelters.

In today’s fast-moving world, people are always on the move and, any sudden attack could wreak havoc on people and their surroundings.

The state's Governor, David Ige, has tried to reassure the Hawaiians by saying that the possibility of an attack is remote.